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Schools Advised To Reject 'Systemic Familialism'

(American Family News) A consulting group in Michigan is telling a school district that strong families are responsible for prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination among students.

Farmington Public Schools in Greater Detroit reportedly hired US2 Consulting -- self-described social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion consultants -- to perform an educational equity audit to assess pedagogy, curriculum, policies, and procedures.

Its audit of Farmington schools recommends reprogramming teachers to resist the U.S. government's definition of family, which it calls "systemic familialism." US2's website describes that as "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis or assumption of family structure."

In other words, intact, two-parent families are bad for students.

Eileen McNeil of Citizens for Traditional Values (CTV) says the left is finally being up-front about how it views the family.