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Why Is the Administration Hiding Pedophiles in Public Schools

(PJ Media) During the Trump administration, the Department of Education instituted a new data collection point that would include not just students who were raped by teachers and led to convictions but also students who were sexually assaulted or fondled where the incidents led to the reassignment of the offender to another school district before the investigation was completed. Creepy Joe’s Department of Education has rescinded that requirement and will no longer keep track of teachers who fondle kids and get hidden away somewhere else to do it to someone else’s kids.

What many people don’t know is that many public schools treat molestation by teachers exactly the same way the Catholic church has done, moving offenders around to different institutions. In fact, the public schools in America have a much bigger problem than the Catholic church. According to a DOE study, the number of sex offenders in public schools could be 100 times greater than the church scandal.