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Just like adults, children have specific needs when it comes to their vision. It is important for parents to understand when to take them to the doctor, eye issues they can experience, corrective lenses for children, and other topics that can aid them in ensuring their child has the best visual health possible.

It is important to take kids to the eye doctor regularly. Children should have their first eye exam between 6 and 12 months old, and they should have regular eye exams throughout their lives.

There are certain eye problems that can develop in childhood. It’s important to have these assessed and diagnosed to avoid worse problems later on.

There are different treatment options for childhood eye issues, ranging from corrective lenses to surgery. Eyeglasses are often the first-line treatment to make their vision clearer, so they do not have trouble seeing in class and during other activities.

Parents should also be aware of how a child’s vision changes as they get older. This may make it easier to identify any issues that are affecting their child’s vision throughout life.

How Often Should Children Visit the Eye Doctor?

It is important to have a child’s vision and eye health assessed regularly, so any issues can be caught as early as possible. Children should have their first eye examination between 6 and 12 months old.

Children can start to experience vision issues early in life that an eye examination can catch. It is estimated that when it comes to preschoolers in the U.S., approximately 35 percent have farsightedness, astigmatism, or nearsightedness.

During an eye examination, doctors explore the following visual skills that children need for optimal learning:

  • Visual acuity at all distances
  • Accurate eye movement skills
  • Comfortable and accurate eye teaming skills
  • Comfortable and accurate focusing skills

Between ages 3 and 5, children should have their next eye examination.

Another examination should take place before children enter the first grade. After this point, children should have an eye examination once a year. If children have eye or vision issues, their doctor may recommend more frequent examinations.