Jesus says in one of his most popular parables is that the seed is the word of God. That the gospel of Christ as the seed of the kingdom is powerful, able to convict, convince and to convert. Peter mentioned that “you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” Then Paul reminds us of good news, the gospel, (death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus) is the “power of God unto salvation.” Jesus, Peter, and Paul’s words confirm that the primary purpose of sowing the seed is for reproduction. For this birthing to happen, each of us has a responsibility to tell others about Jesus, the good news, so that the seed, once accepted by an honest heart will produce, by God’s power, another life-giving soul.

Promotion Sunday AUG 21st

Promotion Sunday will be Sunday, August 21st. Everyone meet in the auditorium during class

Set Your Calendars

Vonnie’s birthday party Aug 29th will be at the Old Jail 4-6 pm

• Card Ministry Sept 6th @ 9:30 am

• Morning Ladies Class Sept 7th @ 10 am

• There is a sign up sheet for the Wednesday night meal teams

on the bulletin board. This will begin September 7th @ 5:30 pm

• Church Service at Haley Nelson Park Sunday, October 30th. More

information to come

Keep in your prayers

Shirley Winton

- Mary Williams’ son-in-law, James

- Paulette Davis is getting around a lot easier

- A. W. Warden had skin cancer removed from his nose. He

had a skin graft on Friday morning

- Janice Carley asks for prayers for her to stay strong for the

family and especially Al

- The Livingston’s granddaughter’s friend, Harper, is in 2nd

grade and has cancer. Asking for prayers for the family

Change of Phone Number?

If you have changed your number or have not been receiving the phone tree. You can put your name and number on the bulletin board please.

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October 30th

On Sunday morning October 30th we will have having a special outdoor service at Haley Nelson Park! More details to come.

Singing Sunday

On Sunday Morning November 20th we will devote the enitre Sunday Morning to singing praises to our Lord. More details to come.

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Tim Denton

All Bible Classes 9:30 a.m.
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