9. Jesus Comes Back for Us
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  • Jesus Comes Back for Us

    Every year at Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus to this earth as a baby. It’s a time of great happiness and joy. But did you know that Jesus said He would return again a second time? This is called the “Second Coming”. It was one of His favorite things to talk about. What does the Bible teach us about when He will come back and how? Again the Bible gives us all the answers.

  • 1. What promise did Jesus make? (John 14:1-3)

  • Note: Isn’t it nice to know that Jesus is excited to take us to Heaven with Him. He is busy getting everything ready for us because He loves us and wants us to be happy.

  • 2. What did Jesus say He would do when He returns? (Matt. 16:27)

  • 3. How will Jesus return again to this earth? (Rev.1:7; Acts 1:9-11)

  • 4. Will all the angels be with Him? (Matt. 24: 30, 31)

  • Note: Everyone will know that Jesus is coming back because the entire sky will be filled with the brilliance of God and all His angels. It will not be a secret event that only a few will know about. Everyone will see this incredible sight!

  • 5. What will happen to those people who are His faithful followers? (1 Thess. 4:16-18)

  • 6. What will those who are not God’s followers be doing? (Rev. 6:15-17)

  • Note: This is one of the saddest pictures in the entire Bible. These are the people who constantly rejected Jesus even though He loved them so much that He died for them. God wants us all to be in Heaven with Him but He cannot force those who refuse Him.

    How sad when it could have been so different!

  • 7. What things will be happening that tell us that Jesus is coming back again soon? (Luke 21:9-11, 25; 2Tim 3:1-4)

  • Note: Satan is the one who causes disasters. It is not God. But many people believe that God is the one who is doing this. Satan wants people to believe this because He does not want us to know how much Jesus loves us.

  • 8. What is the very last thing that will happen before Jesus comes back? (Matt. 24:14)

  • Note: Many disasters will happen right before Jesus returns, but it is most important to Jesus that everyone knows that He loves them. That is why the gospel will be preached to the entire world before He comes back. He wants everyone to know Him and have a chance to accept Him into their lives.

  • 9. Does anyone really know exactly when Jesus will come? (Mark 13:32)

  • 10. What is the most important thing to Jesus that we do?

    (Rev. 3:20)

  • Conclusion: Jesus loves us and wants to come back soon. When He returns, His followers will meet Him in the clouds to be with Him forever. His feet will never touch the ground when He comes back the second time. We will rise up to be with Him.


    He is in heaven right now getting everything ready for us because He wants everything to be perfect. That shows us again how much He loves us. Before Jesus comes Satan will cause many disasters and many people will blame God. But the gospel will be preached to the entire world to reveal just how good and kind God really is. Everyone will have a chance to be with God in Heaven.


    Dear God,
    I am so glad that when you come back for us no more bad things will happen. No one will ever get sick again or die. I’m excited to see what Heaven will be like. Help me to keep being your friend until you come back.

  • Your friend,