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    We learned that Jesus was born in this world to become just like one of us. Jesus became the new leader of the human race so that He could live a sinless life for us. He did that so we would be qualified to go to heaven with Him and live forever because He loves us and wants to be with us.

    But Jesus not only wants us to live in heaven with Him, He also wants to come into our lives and change our hearts. This is the only way we can truly be happy. In this lesson we will learn how this happens.

  • 1. What did Jesus say you must do before you can see the Kingdom of Heaven? (John 3:3)

  • 2. How can we be “born again”? (John 3:4-8; Titus 3:5)

  • Note: The Holy Spirit is the part of God that you cannot see. He is invisible! Just as you cannot see the wind, but you can feel it, so you cannot see the Holy Spirit, but you know He is working. He is the one who is the voice of Jesus. He warns you not to do things harmful to yourself or others, or sometimes gives you a feeling to do something nice for others. He also draws you closer to God. The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all work together. Just as you are part of a family unit, they are all part of the Godhead. They all work together because they love you.

  • 3. Do we naturally understand spiritual things? (1 Cor. 2:14; Romans 8:7)

  • 4. What must happen in order for us to understand? (Ephesians 4:23, 24)

  • Note: The Holy Spirit renews your mind. Your attitude towards God begins to change. You begin to become interested in God and knowing Him better.

  • 5. Does your “new” heart lead to a change in your life? (Ezekiel 36: 26, 27 )

  • Note: Conversion is called the new birth. It’s the beginning of spiritual life. Just as you could not choose the day you were born, you also cannot choose your spiritual birthday. But you can cooperate with God by allowing God to work in your life.

  • 6. Is repentance necessary for salvation? (Luke 13:3; 2 Peter 3:9)

  • Note: Repentance means you are sorry for your sins and want to change. If you confess your sins to God, He will always forgive you.

  • 7. Is there a real and a false sorrow for sin? (2 Cor. 7:10)

  • Note: Real sorrow for sin includes a turning away from the sin. The false sorrow for sin is just being sorry for the consequences of the sin. The thief is not sorry he stole, but only sorry that he got caught and is now in jail.

  • 8. So where does genuine repentance come from? (Acts 5:30, 31)

  • Note: God does not wait until we are sorry for our sins before we can come to Him. He loves us and wants us to come to Him so that He can give us the repentance we need. He is the only one who can help us. There is nothing you have done or ever will do that will stop Him from loving you and wanting you to come to Him.

  • 9. What is one way that God leads us to repentance? (Romans 2:4)

  • Conclusion: We cannot turn away from sin in our own strength but we can go to the Lord to do those things for us. God delights to help those who cannot help themselves. We don’t turn away from sins in order to repent. We come to Jesus in order to repent. Our part is only, always, to come to Him.


    Dear God,
    Thank you that I don’t have to be perfect or even good to come to you. You want me to come to you no matter how bad I am because you love me even if I make mistakes.


    When I come to you, then I am “born again”. I know I will be happy when this happens. Help me to come to you.

  • Your Friend,