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    When Jesus became the new head of the human race, He had to live a sinless life for us so that He could save us. We will often hear that Jesus is our example in all things. So, how did He live His life? How did He get His power? In this lesson we shall find out.

  • 1. Was Jesus made to be like one of us in every way? (Hebrews 2:14-18; 10:5)

  • Note: Jesus was made like us in every way. He became just like one of us. He had struggles and temptations. He got hungry and thirsty and tired. He had to become like us so that He could qualify to become the second Adam, our Savior. He became an example for us in every way.

  • 2. If Jesus was made just like us in every way, how did He perform the miracles He did and live a perfect life? (John 5:19; 6:57; 8:28; 14:8-11; 10:30-33)

  • Note: Jesus was in close connection with His Father and it was through this close union that the Father was able to work through Jesus. Just as you are depending on your Dad for everything so Jesus was completely dependent upon His Father in all things. He prayed to His Father for help in all things. The miracles, the healings, the teachings were all done through the Father. Jesus became totally human and dependent upon heaven for His strength.

  • 3. How is that supposed to be an example for us? (John 15:1-8)

  • Note: Just as Jesus was depending upon the Father for everything in His life, Jesus wants us to depend completely upon Him.

  • 4. How did Jesus become so close with the Father in His life? (Mark 1:35)


  • a. A time of prayer (Mark 1:35; Psalm 5:3)

  • Note: Just as Jesus was depending upon the Father for everything in His life, Jesus wants us to depend completely upon Him.

  • b. A place of prayer (Mark 1:35; Matt. 6:6)

  • Note: It is important to find a special place where you will not be disturbed in your time with God. It may be indoors in a special chair by your bed or it may be somewhere outdoors in your back yard. It is fun to experiment to see what works for you. First pray and tell God what’s on your mind then ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you listen to God by reading His word.

  • c. A method of prayer (Matt. 6:7, 8)

  • Note: Prayer is the opening of your heart to God like a friend. Any time or place is great to talk to God. Sometimes it is helpful to pray out loud when you are in your special place. It helps you to really focus on Him.

  • 6. Without Christ what can we do on our own? (John 15:5)

  • 7. With Christ what can we do? (Phil. 4:13)

  • Conclusion: We need to realize how much we need God in our lives. When you were a baby in your Mom’s stomach, you were nurtured and protected because you were inside her. So it is with God. He wants to nurture and protect us and we need to be really close and connected to Him as well. We are powerless in our battle against evil when we are not. Without, it we are helpless in our struggle against temptations and sin. God will fight our battles for us if we let Him into our lives.


    Dear God,
    I didn’t know that You became just like me in order to save me. I didn’t know that You couldn’t use Your special powers and that you had to trust in Your Father for help in all things. Help me to trust You with everything in my life. Help me to spend time with You each morning.

  • Your friend,