16. Heaven
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    God has promised in his word that Heaven is very real. God longs to have us with Him forever in this wonderful place. Many people have many misconceptions about heaven. Some visualize themselves playing a harp on some celestial cloud; others walking around on streets of gold. In this lesson we will be exploring what the Bible actually teaches about Heaven and what our relationship with God will be like.

  • 1. What do we become when we believe in Jesus for our salvation? John 1:12, 13

  • 2. What does it mean to be a child of God? Romans 8:17; Galatians 4:7

  • Note: An heir is usually a son or daughter that will one day inherit all that the father and mother own. If you are an heir of God and if Jesus is now your brother then this status is elevated to you in Heaven. Everything that Jesus is promised belongs to you as well. What an incredible thought!

  • 3. What is promised to Jesus, our brother, and to us as sons and daughters of God? Hebrews 1:2

  • 4. What did Christ promise He would prepare for his followers? John 14:1-3

  • Note: Imagine the Son of God excitedly getting everything ready for us. When we have guests we like to make certain everything is nice for them. In the same way, Jesus is busy making sure that everything is perfect for us.

  • 5. How does the Bible describe the place that God is preparing for us? 1 Corinthians 2:9

  • 6. What type of place is this to be? Hebrews 11:10, 16

  • 7. What is the name of this heavenly city? Revelation 21:2

  • 8. How does the Bible describe the New Jerusalem? Revelation 21:17-25

  • a. Verse 18 - The wall of it was of

  • b. Verse 18 - The city was pure

  • c. Verse 21 - The twelve gates were twelve

  • d. Verse 21 - The streets were pure

  • e. Verse 23 - The city needed neither

  • f. Verse 25 - There shall be no

  • 9. What planet is to be the eternal home of God’s children? Matthew 5:5

  • 10. From where did John say the New Jerusalem would come to this earth? Revelation 21:2, 3, 10

  • Note: New Jerusalem will be the capital city on earth and the earth will now become the center of the entire universe. Imagine, the planet that rebelled against the Lord will now be elevated to the command center of the entire universe and God will share His throne with us.

  • 11. How will the earth be purified to receive this beautiful city? 2 Peter 3:10-13

  • 12. How will the new earth differ from our earth today?

  • a. Revelation 21:1

    b. Isaiah 35:1

    c. Isaiah 60:18

    d. Isaiah 65:25

    e. Revelation 7:16

  • 13. What does God promise He will do for those in heaven with him? Revelation 21:4

  • 14. What will be our status in heaven? Revelation 3:21

  • Note: It would have been fair enough if through the death of Christ our planet were to be restored to its original place in the universe. However, God elevates us much higher than if we had never sinned. He “makes it up to us” for all the suffering and pain we endured and allows us to co-reign with Him. He even promises us crowns to wear in order to represent our new status as kings. When it says, “King of kings and Lord of lords” it is evident that we are those other kings. What amazing love for us is revealed here from our God!

  • 15. What will our bodies be like? Philippians 3:20, 21

  • 16. What was Christ’s body like? Luke 24:36-43

  • 17. What will happen to family ties? Isaiah 65:23; 66:22

  • 18. Will we continue to worship God on the Sabbath day? Isaiah 66:23

  • 19. What are some of the things that we will be doing in heaven? Isaiah 65:17-22

  • 20. What did Jesus say He would not do until He is reunited with us again in the kingdom made new? Luke 22:14-18; Mark 14:25

  • 21. What did Jesus say He would do once He returned for us? Luke 12:35-37

  • Note: Jesus has not partaken of the Passover meal or drink in over 2000 years. He refuses to until He can celebrate with us in the kingdom made new.


    In a remarkable way at this special celebration, Jesus, Himself will have us recline at the banquet table and actually wait on us! What an incredible thought that Jesus should wait on us instead of us waiting on Him! The love of our God is so great for us that we can hardly take it in.

  • Conclusion: How great is God’s love that the planet that sinned and crucified Him will now become the center of the entire universe and that we will reign with Him on His very throne. He loves us so much that He wants to be with us for all eternity. As we continue to find out just how much God loves us, we continue to grow in our love and trust in Him.

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