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    God is our Creator and Lord. He is the One who made us and understands us better than we even understand ourselves. Everything that we have belongs to Him: our time, our money, our talents, our body... everything.


    God does not want us to be sick, but to be in good health. Because God created our bodies, He knows best about how to care for them. Did you know that God has given us special instructions on how to keep our bodies healthy? Again, let’s turn one last time to the Bible to see what God’s Word tells us.

  • 1. What other reason does the Bible give for taking special care of our bodies? (1 Corinthians 3:16, 17)

  • Note: God’s Holy Spirit now lives in us. As God’s children we need to protect our minds since that is how God speaks to us. We need to keep ourselves open to Him so that we can hear God’s Holy Spirit.

  • 2. What perfect diet did God give to Adam and Eve? (Genesis 1:29)

  • Note: God gave them fruit, grains, nuts and herbs to eat. After the Flood, God allowed people to eat animals, fish and birds. But God was very particular about which animals, fish and birds.

  • 3. Which animals does God say are “clean” and good for food?

    (Deut. 14: 6)

  • 4. Which animals does God say are “not clean” and not good for food? (Deut. 14:7, 8)

  • 5. What fish are considered by God to be good for food?

    (Verses 9, 10)

  • Note: Most of the sea animals that God does not allow us to eat are the garbage eaters or scavengers of the ocean. Pigs are scavengers also. They often have worms in their bodies that can live in our bodies when we eat pork. God only tells us this to protect us.

    When the SDA church first began in the mid 1850s their workers were often getting sick and dying young. The diet in general, in those days, was poor. While they were praying, God seemed to be pointing them to the health principles that were in the Bible.

    The church today operates the largest hospital health care system in the world. Most Seventh-day Adventists live years longer than the rest of the world. Approximately half are vegetarian. It is always wise to follow God’s principles for living a more abundant and healthy life.

  • 6. What does the Bible teach about alcoholic beverages?

    (Proverbs 20:1; 23:29-33)

  • Note: Research has now shown that even drinking occasionally destroys brain cells. You want to keep your mind sharp because that is how God speaks to you. Because of this, we need to not only stay away from alcohol and drugs as well as caffeine because that affects our bodies negatively.

  • 7. What should you keep in mind about Christian living?

    (1 Corinthians 6:19, 20; 10:31)

  • Select which of the items listed below God would want you to eat or do?

  • Not only is what we eat important to God but also how we spend our money. Did you know that there is more written in the Book of Proverbs about money than almost anything else. Let’s find out what God teaches about money.

  • 8. Who rules the earth and everything in it? (Psalm 24:1)

  • 9. Who gives us the ability to get wealth? (Deut. 8:18; 1Chron.29: 12)

  • 10. What does God warn about in our attitude toward money?

    (Proverbs 11:28; Luke 12:15-21)

  • Note: God does not want us to trust in money, but in Him. He wants us to depend upon Him for everything we have. If we trust Him, He will take care of us.

  • 11. Will God provide for us if we seek Him first? (Luke 12:22- 31)

  • 12. What did Jacob tell God he was going to do to show his thankfulness to God for His care? (Genesis 28:22)

  • 13: What does God say is His? (Leviticus 27:30)

  • Note: What is “tithe”? Tithe means one-tenth. In other words, for every dollar you get, ten cents belongs to God. It is God’s tithe. We are not to spend the money that belongs to God.

  • How much is “tithe” from the following dollar amounts? $1:00=? / $2.00= / $2.50= /$3.75=

  • 14: What does God promise He will do if we bring His tithe to church (the storehouse)? (Malachi 3:5-10)

  • Note: God’s money goes only for God’s work. This is God’s way of providing for the pastors and workers of His church on earth so that His gospel message can be taught everywhere.


    Conclusion: Everything in the earth belongs to God including us. He wants to take care of us by showing us how to live from His word. He wants us to be healthy and strong. That’s why He gave us special instructions on how to live.


    All our money belongs to God. He allows us to keep 90% of what He gives us. But the tithe belongs to Him. He wants us to help further His work on this earth by giving our tithe to Him. When we follow God’s commands, we are always blessed and happy.


    Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for giving me these instructions about how you want me to live so that I can be healthy and happy. I want to follow You in all things. Help me to trust You even more.

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