14. Satan’s Time Out -the Millennium
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  • Satan’s Time Out -the Millennium

    Do you remember when your mom or dad put you in a “time out”? God will do that one day to Satan and his angels. God wants finally to end the pain and suffering of sin and set up His wonderful kingdom of love. God will send Jesus back again to the earth to gather His people to be with Him. Some of those He gathers will be asleep and some of those will still be alive. He will take His people home to be with Him forever. But let’s turn to the Bible and find out exactly what will happen when Jesus comes back.

  • 1. What will happen to those who are ‘in Christ’ (both dead and living) when Jesus comes? (1 Thess 4:16, 17)

  • 2. What happens to those who are still alive who reject Christ when He comes? (2 Thess 2:8; Jeremiah 25:33)

  • Note: Our God is a holy God. Jesus will be coming back with all the glory that He had in heaven. Those who accept Christ are clothed with His righteousness and are able to stand before a holy God. Those who do not love God and who hold on to their sin cannot stand before a holy God and are destroyed by the “brightness of His coming”.

  • 3. What happens to the earth when Jesus comes back? (2 Peter 3:10; Isaiah 24:3-6)

  • 4. What happens to Satan at the time of Christ’s coming? (Rev. 20:1-3; Isaiah 24:21, 22)

  • Note: The word” millennium” means “1000 years”. God puts Satan and his angels in a major time out on the destroyed earth for 1000 years. He is forced to think about all the pain and destruction he has caused in the earth. But most importantly, the universe sees and understands all the pain and suffering that sin causes. Satan claimed in heaven that his way of handling things was better than God’s. He said to the angels that he would make a better ruler. During the millennium, everyone will get to see how mean Satan really is.

  • 5. When are the rest of the “wicked” dead raised? (Rev. 20:5)

  • Note: Those who were destroyed by the brightness of His coming as well as those who were in their graves are now raised at the end of the millennium.

  • 6. What are God’s people doing during the 1000 years? (Rev.20: 4-6; 1 Cor. 6:2, 3)

  • Note: There will be many unanswered questions when we arrive in heaven with Christ. In His great love and compassion, God has set aside 1000 years to answer all our questions. It’s important to God that we understand and be included in this important judgment of those who rejected Christ (including Satan and his angels).

  • 7. What happens to Satan and his angels at the end of the 1000 years? (Rev.20: 7)

  • 8. What does John see come down out of heaven? (Rev. 21:2)

  • 9. What does Satan do that clearly shows that he has not changed? (Rev. 20:7-9)

  • Note: In order to show that Satan has not changed, God allows Satan to deceive the wicked one last time when they are resurrected, but only for a “short time”. Wherever the wicked were killed or buried in the earth, they are now raised to life. They continue under Satan’s deception as they did during their lifetime and are ready to do his orders again.

  • 10. What occurs just before the final destruction of the wicked? (Rev. 20:11-13)

  • 11. Why are the unbelievers brought back to life? (Jude 14, 15)

  • Note: God wants the wicked to see that it was their rejection of Christ that caused them to be lost-- nothing else. God is actually on trial because He wants to show the entire universe that Satan’s lies against Him have always been false. 

    God wants to show that He really is a good God to the whole universe. It was distrust of God that caused sin in the first place and God cannot ever have sin in His universe again.

  • 12. How will God completely stop Satan’s assault on the Holy City? (Rev. 20:9)

  • 13. What will happen to the earth once Satan and his army are destroyed? (2 Peter 3:13; Rev. 21:1-5)

  • Conclusion: God wants to show that He is fair. He allows those who are lost to see that it was because they did not accept the gift of eternal life through the death of Jesus that they are lost. God finally proves to the universe that sin is bad and God is good. He finally destroys sin and sinners and makes the earth brand new.


    Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for finally destroying sin and making the earth brand new again. I want to be with You during the 1000 years and have You answer all my questions. I can’t wait to live forever with my family in the New Earth. Help me to trust you always,

  • Your friend,