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    Have you ever gotten so busy playing with your friends or doing your homework that you have forgotten to do something your mom asked you to do? It’s easy to forget when you’re so busy, isn’t it? Well, God knew that you might be so busy that you would forget something very special. He knew you would probably get so busy with your friends and other things that you would forget to spend time with Him.
    That’s why God gave us a very special day- a day He asks us to “Remember.” When is this special day? Some people say it is Sunday. Some say it is Friday. And some think it is Saturday. Let’s find out what the Bible teaches.

  • 1. Which day of the week is the Sabbath day? (Exodus 20:8- 10)

  • 2. After God created the earth and everything in it, what three things did He do on the seventh day? (Genesis 2:2, 3)

  • Note: In other words, God set the seventh day aside as a holy day. It is a day to worship God and remember that He is our Creator. It’s a day that we can spend with Him so that we can stay connected with Him. Which day is the 7th day of the week? In order to find out, you will need to look at a calendar. You may also look up the word ‘Sabbath’ in the dictionary.

  • 3. What day is the 7th day?

  • 4. What did Jesus do on the Sabbath day? (Luke 4:16)

  • Note: A synagogue is a temple or a church. Jesus would go to church each week to worship God.

  • 5. What time does God’s holy Sabbath begin? (Genesis 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31)

  • Note: We worship on God’s Sabbath day from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. According to God, a day begins with evening and ends with the last of daylight.

  • 6. What does God tell us not to do on the Sabbath day? (Exodus 20:8-11)

  • Select the things below that you feel God would like you to do on His special day. Remember this is a day to be connected to God and to rest from all your work.

  • 7. If Saturday is the Sabbath day, then why do most people go to church on Sunday? (Acts 20:28- 31)

  • Note: Paul predicted that after He was gone, Satan would cause errors to come into the church and draw many people away from God’s truth.


    Although some Christians have always remained faithful to the Sabbath day, many Christians have given up the seventh-day Sabbath for the first day of the week, Sunday.


    The early Catholic Church wanted to attract more people to their church. Many who were converted brought ideas with them that didn’t fit with Bible teachings. Many of these people honored the ‘sun’ on the first day of the week. In fact, that’s how the day got its name, Sunday! Church leaders began to think it would be easier to win pagan converts to their church if they could continue to worship on the day they were used to honoring. Gradually, God’s law was forgotten as Sunday became more popular.


    Do you think God knew that this would happen? That is why He says, “Remember the Sabbath day”, because so many would forget!

  • 8. Because Sunday is a tradition most people follow do you think God cares what day we honor? (Mark 7:6-9)

  • Note: Traditions are often good, but not when they take the place of what God asks us to do.

  • 9. Will we still be worshipping God on the Sabbath day in Heaven? (Isaiah 66:22, 23)

  • Note: We will still worship God each Sabbath forever in the New Earth. Just as we can never change our birthdays, so the celebration of the birthday of the world can never be changed to another day.

  • Conclusion: God gave us His Sabbath day as a gift to us so we can take a rest from the world and spend special time with Him. It’s a day that He has blessed and made holy. He does this so we can stay connected to Him and He can bless us.


    Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for loving me so much and dying for me so that I can go to Heaven. Help me to honor you each Sabbath by worshiping and spending time with you. Please give me a tender and obedient heart for you.

  • Your friend,