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    In the last lesson we studied the manner in which Christ would appear. We learned that it would not be a secret event but that every eye would see Him. We learned that He would descend from heaven with all His angels and with the sound of a loud trumpet. We saw that the dead in Christ would rise and that we who were alive would meet Him in the clouds. But when will these things appear? How close are we to this climactic event? In this lesson we will study the prophecies of Jesus concerning His return. After all, who could know more about the end of the world than the One who created it in the first place?

  • 1. How did the disciples know that Christ would come back to our world a second time? John 14:1-3

  • 2. What question did the disciples ask concerning this? Matt. 24:3

  • Note: Jesus answered clearly and positively. In chapter 24 of Matthew and chapter 21 of Luke He gave several signs or evidences by which we can know when His coming is near. Other Bible prophesies help fill out the picture, detailing world conditions just before Christ’s return. As we will see, these prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes; they indicate that Christ’s coming is near at hand.


    3. What will be the signs in the natural world? Matt 24:7; Luke 21:11;

  • Note: The word “pestilence” refers to a deadly epidemic plague. The continent of Africa has struggled due to the AIDS virus and the deadly Ebola virus has now surfaced with a 70% morality rate. Earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters have quadrupled since 1950. Jesus’ predictions are rapidly being fulfilled.


    5. What are the signs in the economic world? James 5:1-5

  • Note: Greed and materialism marks the days just before an economic collapse. The love of comfort and luxury are the hallmarks of this society. In the U.S. people are focused on accumulating wealth and in collecting as many toys as they can for themselves. This is indicative of a society that is rich in attitude toward money (careers, power, status) and poor toward God.


    6. What are the signs in the political world? Mark 13:7, 8; Luke 21; 9, 10

  • Note: Before the twentieth century, war had never been waged on a truly worldwide scale. But in this century nearly every significant nation on earth joined in two great global conflicts. And though everyone values peace and talks it up; yet everyone keeps falling into armed conflicts. At any one moment there are no less than a dozen military exchanges somewhere in the world today. And fear over nuclear armament is always prevailing. Yes, Christ predicted our state years before it happened.


    7. What are the signs in the spiritual world? 2 Thess. 2:9; Matt. 24:23-27; 1 Tim.4: 1; Rev. 16:14

  • Note: These passages indicate that toward the end of time that the antichrist will feature all kinds of miracles and signs, a counterfeit manifestation of the supernatural. The occult is alive and well and on the rise. Psychics sell their ‘gifts’ on infomercials; witches and warlocks appear on talk shows. New- Agers are everywhere; selling magical crystals and channeling departed spirits. All this makes it even clearer that history is moving toward a climax.


    8. What are the signs in the cultural world? Daniel 12:4

  • Note: Daniel here indicates that knowledge of his prophecies would increase ‘in the time of the end’. But the language used in this prediction also seems to point straight toward our computerized information age. Knowledge of all kinds has increased at lightning speed these past few years. Before 1850, people moved around by horse and buggy pretty much as they had from the beginning of time. Now we break the sound barrier and span the globe in everything from Concorde airplanes to space shuttles. Increased travel and the recent flood of inventions suggests a fulfillment of this prophecy and gives further evidence that we are living in ‘the time of the end’.


    9. What are the signs in the religious world? Matt. 24:14; Joel 2:28, 29

  • Note: The Bible predicts that just before the return of Christ that the Holy Spirit would direct many to knowledge of Christ. As a result the gospel will be preached to the whole world. Technology has now made it possible for all to hear the gospel through communication systems. This prediction is still in

    the process of coming true.

  • 10. Why is it important not to pinpoint dates? Matt. 24:36

  • 11. Of what great danger does Christ solemnly warn? Luke 21:29-34

  • Note: There is great danger in becoming so busy with the cares of this life that we neglect the most important thing in life: a relationship with the God of the universe who is planning to return very soon.

  • 12. How can I be certain to be ready when Jesus comes back? John 1:12; John 6:37; Rev. 3:20

  • Conclusion: Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus knocks and asks to come into my heart so that He can change my life. If I unreservedly turn my life over to Him, He will not only erase all my sins of the past and replace my sins with all His acts of righteousness but He also gives me the power to live a godly life. As a free gift, He bestows upon me His own righteous character so that doing His will becomes a pleasure. It is so simple that many doubt it is reality. But it’s true. My part is simply to give my life to Christ and let Him live within me. His part is to work the mighty miracle with me that changes my life and prepares me for His second coming. It is a free gift. I need only to accept it.

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