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FEB 2nd

Greeters: NATION

Faith Cove Check In: Travis & Erin Lee

Infants: Darbie Harden, Brittany Lay

Toddlers: Debbie Mitchell & Trinity Kuehn

3-4 Yr Olds: Elijah & Jaxin Hershey

5-Kind: Leanna & Heaven Mims

Children's Church: Zed & Lindsey Goodwin

Communion to Shut-ins: David Hershey

Communion: JB Brown

Security: Tom Haymaker, John Lay



Greeters: ATKINSON

Faith Cove Check In: Kathy Hershey; Lorie Isle

Infants: Jared & Jami Vineyard

Toddlers: Susan Rinker & Ashlee Carr

3-4 Yr Olds: Dezi Lee, Carson Langworthy, Rayna Witwer

5-Kind: Leanna Cook; Cash Brown

Children's Church: Zed & Lindsey Goodwin

Communion to Shut-ins: Melvin Folk

Communion: Bill Ellis

Security: Charlie Walls, Andy Duncan



Greeters: ALLEN

Faith Cove Check In: Heath & Stacy Stapleton

Infants: Justin & Jennifer Wintjen, Ashley Pippin

Toddlers: Brandi & Kaley Witwer

3-4 Yr Olds: Bruce, Mandi & Gabe Hargis

5-Kind: Leanna Cook; Micah Waggoner

Children's Church: Mark & Erin Allen

Communion to Shut-ins: Steve Frye

Communion: Jamie Regis

Security: Chad Morford, Keith Kuehn, David Myers



Greeters: SWEANEY

Faith Cove Check In: Hannah Nolte, Kathy Wintjen

Infants: Tiffany Frye, Shona Ammerman

Toddlers: Amber Haymaker, Audry Regis

3-4 Yr Olds: Abby Nation, Anna Powers

5-Kind: Leanna Cook; Drake Stapleton

Children's Church: Mark & Erin Lee

Communion to Shut-ins: Clint Ammerman

Communion: Bill Ellis / David Hershey

Security: Steve Cornett, John Knox