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Leadership Update

This Sunday, April 21, is a historic day for Highland. It’s the Sunday where we focus on our elders. Our elders agree to serve four-year terms. Every four years they decide to continue serving or retire. This Sunday our current elders will be affirmed, our new elders will be installed, and our retiring elders will be honored.

Affirmation of current elders

We currently have 20 elders. Seventeen of them will continue to serve the next four years. They are: Joey Adkins, Chris Barber, Josh Bostic, Jeff Frizzell, Ken Garner, Bill Ivey, David Jackson, Reggie Lattimore, Sam Leow, Randy McPherson, Barry Mitchell, Sean Prine, David Ralston, Jay Shappley, Wayne Simpson, Steve Taylor, and Ron Wade.

Installation of additional elders

We presented eight new candidates to the church on March 24. They will be installed as additional elders, bringing our total number of elders to 25. The new elders are: Jimmy Adkins, Jay Bethea, Cary Daniel, Charlie Fowler, Jonathan Mooneyham, Rance Reagan, Rod Robinson, and Trent Williamson.

Honoring retiring elders

Three of our current elders will be retiring. They are: Larry Houk, Gerald Jerkins, and Jerry Midyett.

We are thankful for the godly men the Lord has raised up to be our shepherds. We seek your prayers for these men and their wives as they humbly serve Highland.