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HCM Updates

Child Safety

We love our Highland kiddos! We want them to be safe in our care. You may or may not be aware that we have a printed “Child Protection Policy” and we are more than happy to share that with you at any time.

This week I want to share just a few of the things we have in place to make sure our children are safe while in our care.

  1. We have a secured area for our children ages nursery through kindergarten. This area is able to be locked down if necessary and all of the class windows and doors are protected with a bulletproof film.
  2. No one is allowed in the secured area without checking in at the KidCheck check in station.
  3. We have security walking our 1st – 5th grade hall way during class.
  4. We have observation windows in our doors and also have observation windows in our nursery and preschool classrooms.
  5. We have cameras throughout our building and those cameras are monitored during worship and class times.
  6. We have a “2 adult” policy. No adult can be alone with a child at any time.
  7. We do background checks on all of our volunteers.
  8. We provide Child Protection training for all of our volunteers.
  9. We have a waiting period for new members before they can apply to volunteer to work with our children.
  10. We ask that all children 3rd grade and under, be picked up by a parent. We do not allow these children to be dismissed to go meet a parent.

Bottomline, we want all our children to be as safe as possible in our care. We continue to seek training and information to keep up to date on plans to keep these little ones safe.

Camp Highland

JUNE 16–21 2024

Camp Highland is for current 3rd-11th grade students. It is usually held in June. We call it “the best week of the year!” because so many great experiences and memories are made at camp.

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