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Please continue to PRAY for the following persons:

Adrienne Archie, Angelique Archie, Celia Archie and her Mother, Simone Archie, Shelia, Shayne, and Jerry Bardowell, Pastor Best's Daughter and His Mother, Dr. Fern Bliss-Morgan, Amelia Clements' daughter (Kirstin Johnson), her grandson , (Alex Pope), and her adopted daughter, (Theresa Martin-Franklin), Cooper-Jones Families, Blondel Dwyer, her Sister, and their Uncle, Earl Edwards, Shelly Eldridge (Joan Jackson's Daughter), Sharmaine Edwards, Darlene Figueroa, Cassandra Freeman, Theodore, Sharon Green and Baby TJ, Sharon Howard, James Jackson, Joan Jackson's Sisters, Jamar Jenkins, Elder Darryl Johnson, Dorothy Kilpatrick, Dennis Sr. and Elaine Larmond, Tony Lloyd, Sadie McClean, Mark Mahan, Margaret O'Bryant, Lancey Patman, Elder Arlene Pierre, Darlene and David Smith, Rita Smith's daughter, Sharlyn Smith, Tyrone Smith, Sedia Tatum, Jeannie Thornton, Wanda Williams