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NY Voter's Guide / Registration

We as Believers and followers of Jesus Christ must be diligent to go out and Vote according to our Biblical beliefs as found in the Word of God regarding the upcoming Primary Elections this November!

Provided below is a line for the Voter Guide for NY State.

Please look at the policies of the Candidates and Vote towards righteousness!

The main issues to consider when Voting for a candidate:

• Protecting Life in the Womb

• Protecting Biblical Marriage

• Protecting Biblical Gender

• Protecting our Children from the LGBTQ+ agenda in public schools and abroad

• Protecting our Children from the Woke, Racist agenda and ideologies being pushed through C.R.T.

I remind us that these are not "political" issues, these are Biblical issues!

If you are not registered to vote, please click on the link provided below to register!

Please note you must register to vote 30 days prior to Election Day which is November 8th 2022. We are also gearing up to provide that opportunity for you to do so at the Church.

This is a very critical time in the History of our Nation; the Church is called to be Salt and Light in the midst of the darkness! The Gospel is the only hope for our Nation and the Gospel must effect every area of our lives!

Let’s continue to pray and act in accordance to God’s Truth!

God bless!

Pastor Johnny