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Things You Need to Know About Your Kids’ School

Learning Environment and Philosophy

For a majority of parents, local public schools are the best option for their families, and while your school choice is often limited to the district where you buy or rent your home, it’s still helpful to understand your school’s environment and philosophy. Take a school tour and attend a new parent orientation. Maybe you’re curious about how the school addresses bullying or promotes inclusivity. Don’t hesitate to ask questions that are important to you.

School and Classroom Calendar

Save both the school and classroom events to your digital calendar and regularly check ahead. You don’t want registration deadlines, holidays, teacher in-service days, or spirit days to sneak up on you—take it from someone who nearly missed basically all of these.Know which days of the week your child has gym or library, so you help make sure they’re prepared. Plus, field trips, class parties, and other obligations with your child’s individual class will come up, so you’ll always be adding to the calendar.

Birthday Celebration Rituals

Birthday celebrations vary so much school-to-school. Some schools and districts do not allow food-based treats to help address childhood obesity and avoid food allergy issues. Some teachers may have their own rituals, like having the student bring a parent or friend into the classroom to read a story or donate a book to the library.

Find out your school or classroom preference in advance of your little one’s birthday. If your child has a summer birthday, you can also ask the teacher’s preference for celebrating (perhaps on their half birthday?).