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Updates for Miss Vanessa

Hello Calvary Kids, Parents, and friends! My treatment is moving forward. I am scheduled for surgery September 28th. My MRI results are good. The chemothearapy was very effective in shrinking the tumors that I had. There were multiple tumors but now the only thing left of them is scar tissue. I will be recoving from surgery for 10 days at home then I will be able to start getting back out depending on how I feel. I will be doing radiation after the surgery sight is healed. So, I have a bit more to go, but God has been faithful through it all. The past few weeks since I finished chemo I have felt great and have had good energy. I thank you for prayers and I look forward to having the surgery behind me and continue on this road of healing. Please pray for my husband Shane and our kids as they are going through all of this with me. They have been unshakable through it all. I am very grateful to the body of believers here who have prayed for me and my family and supported me through all of this. I love you all.