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A School Horror Story That Didn't Fit the Narrative

(Family Research Council) When the phone rang, it was every father's worst nightmare. Come to campus, a school official said, your daughter has been assaulted. No one told Scott Smith that she had been sexually assaulted -- that a boy wearing a skirt had walked into the girls' restroom and raped his 15-year-old child. Then, imagine your anger as a parent to find out that the school wasn't going to involve the police -- that they'd decided to handle the matter (which ended up being two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio) "internally."

For Scott Smith, it was unimaginable. Standing in the Stone Bridge High School office, blind with rage, he demanded they call the police. They finally did -- on him. "I went nuts," he remembers. "...Six cop cars showed up like a... SWAT team." Later that night, after a hospital rape kit confirmed what his daughter had insisted all along, the school's principal sent out an email explaining the incident with Scott -- never mentioning what had happened to his daughter and where. Even when the attacker was formally charged, administrators kept quiet.