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Christians Don’t Need Fancy New Strategies. They Need Courage

(The Federalist) Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of good news to bring you today about our current situation. The Great Deceiver is no longer lurking in the shadows. Instead, he is out in the open and on the march. He is attacking every major institution in the country: business, military, sports, entertainment, education, and yes, even the church. He is telling you that sin is virtuous, that virtue is evil, that boys can become girls and vice versa. He is rapidly convincing huge swaths of this country to exchange truth for a lie.

We have gone from a country that worshipped and celebrated God and those who love him, to a country that tolerated God, to one that was annoyed by God and His people, to one that openly disdains and hates anyone who doesn’t worship at the secular altar of the state. Christian culture seems to be waning, while cancel culture is ascendant.

Mark my words: you may not care about cancel culture, but cancel culture cares about you.