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We know that Satan is hard at work, blinding the minds of those who don’t yet know the gospel by experience. He’ll do anything to wreck and ruin a movement of God. So pray for the protection we need from his ferocity, for the families of our staff and leaders, for our integrity, our humility, and for our transparency.

Satan loves a good scandal, and he’d love to lead one of us to moral failure, to burn us out with busyness, or to sow seeds of discord among his people. Pray for God’s protection so that we continue to walk with a growing character and Christlikeness.

Pride always precedes a fall. Pride makes us get comfortable in yesterday’s success. Pride makes praise the prize. And pride deceives us into thinking that we actually have the ability within ourselves to achieve success.

But we need help. We need God. We can’t do this without him. We can’t do this without growing internally and personally, and that personal, spiritual growth only happens as we get low and humble ourselves before God’s throne, depending completely and entirely on his strength and power.It is always easier to shift from relational ministry to the mass distribution of the gospel. But the good, good story of Jesus always travels best from one person to the next. Keep focusing on the next ONE who needs Jesus, the next one who needs to get connected with other believers, the next one who needs recovery or counseling, the next one who needs discipleship. Keep reaching out with an invitation to the next one who needs a ministry in the church and a mission in the world.