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Lawsuits Reveal The Left’s Goal To Banish Religion Altogether

(The Federalist) If it weren’t clear before, it is now nakedly obvious the far left aims to silence all who question or disagree. It perversely misuses terms like “diversity” and “tolerance” for precisely the opposite ends — to enforce its ideology, stifle dissent, and prohibit any alternatives. The full-scale legal assault on faith-based schools is merely the latest example of its scorched-earth campaign.

Proponents of the class-action lawsuit involving Christian schools, the Washington Post’s reporting confirms, hope to influence the debate regarding the Equality Act. This lawsuit should influence the debate, but by underscoring that the legislation would legalize bigotry and prohibit all traditional religious expression in the public sphere.

My own community, which separates the biological sexes at many lifecycle events, is at particular risk. Circumcisions, bar mitzvahs, and weddings would be banned as “discriminatory” under the Equality Act because these events are routinely held at restaurants, catering halls, and other public accommodations.