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GOP: Big Tech Is Playing a Losing Game of Monopoly

(FRC) They may have their own policing, their own spies, currency, and even their own court, but Big Tech isn't a government. And it's certainly not our government. After months of watching Silicon Valley decide what is and isn't speech, what is and isn't science, and who is and isn't welcome in the public square, Republicans have had it. The days of Facebook and Twitter operating like the world's ruling empire are numbered, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) warns. And the latest high jinks over Donald Trump's account will be one of a million reasons why.

To most people -- including a growing number of liberal news outlets -- the question isn't whether the 45th president should have a social media presence. It's whether companies like Mark Zuckerberg's should be calling the shots on who can participate in the public debate.