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Texas Parents Drown Critical Race Theory in Southlake

(FRC) Lots of people are looking for unity in this country. Well, one Texas town found it -- fighting the extreme curriculum Joe Biden wants to bring to every town nationwide. Turns out, the fastest way to bring people together is to try to radicalize education. It's also, Southlake parents say, the surest way to lose.

Hannah Smith didn't really have running for the school board on her radar. That all changed last year, when the district started floating the idea of a new Critical Race Theory curriculum -- and not just any curriculum, but the most "extreme K-12 program" surveyed by nonprofit groups. "And that's really saying something," Hannah said on "Washington Watch," considering all of the woke education out there. Together with other parents, Smith, a religious freedom attorney, started investigating, even filing Freedom of Information Acts [sic] to find out what the district was doing.