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California County Urges Teachers to Hide Lessons From Parents

(RedState) The County of Santa Clara in California has issued “ethnic studies” guidelines for teachers that are, unsurprisingly, wholly anti-American and are designed to teach your children about the evils of white people, the United States, capitalism, and more. On top of that, teachers are urged to hide these lessons from the parents, and even the school administrators, if need be.

City Journal reporter Christopher F. Rufo got ahold of slides featuring guidelines for teachers that teaches children that the United States is a “parasitic system” that came about due to the “invasion” of “white male settlers.” According to Rufo, teachers are to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” so that they can be made into political activists.

When the training of these teachers started, Santa Clara County first acknowledged they were on “unceded territory of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation.”