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Sunday Service Guidelines

Things to consider and prepare ahead…
If you are at “higher risk” because of age and/or underlying health issues, please be encouraged to stay home and continue to watch our Facebook Online LIVE Services.

Please stay home if you have a fever or experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Please prepare to bring your own face coverings. Bring gloves to wear if you desire.

As difficult as it is for us, please refrain from handshaking, hugging, or physical contact to comply with the sensitive distancing required.

Please discuss and explain with your family/children at home, in advance of Sunday’s gathering, the necessary service guidelines, requirements, and expectations.

On Campus…
Please observe/follow designated entrances/exits
Bathrooms will be available but limited with door attendants
Entrance Door attendant will be administering touchless forehead thermometer readings along with giving out stickers to wear after one’s reading has been taken and approved.
Face coverings are a requirement for everyone over the age of 2 years. (Masks available if needed)
Please wear your mask on campus and in Worship Center at all times.
Please maintain required sensible distancing…exception for those living together.