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If You’re Wearing a Face Mask All Day Here's How To Take Care

While a lot of us only wear a face mask while outside, essential workers are required to wear one for the entire day. The point of face masks is to keep bacteria and germs contained, which is extremely important when it comes to keeping a pandemic contained. The downside to that is that it stays around your face. That can cause your skin to, well, freak out. It can cause irritation and breakouts, all of which can be addressed with a skincare routine. We’ve rounded up a few picks that can help with different skin care issues caused by wearing face masks all day.

FOR FACE WASH Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

FOR SPOT TREATMENT Mighty Patch Original

I love these acne spots, which target larger pimples directly at the source. These hydrocolloid patches help eliminate acne-causing infection and bacteria. Just slap one of these on and you can wear them all day under your mask without worrying about it.

FOR MOISTURIZERKiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

While this moisturizer looks thick, it’s extremely lightweight and non-greasy. It gives you 24-hour hydration, which can help keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky and will help keep oil production at bay.


One of my favorite face masks to use after a day in the sun (or a day wearing a face mask) is this one. Face masks can cause all sorts of irritation to sensitive skin and this face mask, packed with rose for toning and cucumber extract and aloe vera gel, helps immediately cool and soothe skin.


We’re all not getting enough sleep, but essential workers more so. This gel can help combat dark circles and signs of aging, things that can all happen from lack of sleep