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Sneak Peek for Worship Songs

Curious about the worship songs you will be singing during worship time this week? Here they are! Join us in singing these songs of praise to the Lord! In fact, you may even want to learn the words to these songs and sing praise to the Lord all week. The lyrics to one of this week's worship songs are provided on a YouTube video linked below.

"To God Be The Glory" - Traditional Hymn

"Great Hope, Great God" - Seth Condrey

"The Goodness Of Jesus" -CityAlight

"I Speak Jesus" - KingsPorch

"When Our King Comes Down" - Brett Williams/Joey Kelly

If you would like to get into worshiping in the Spirit before Sunday (or even after Sunday), click on the video link below to a fairly new worship song, "Great Hope, Great God." Go ahead, sing along with the video! Make a joyful noise to the Lord.