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Prayer Requests

Here are the prayer requests from this week:

1. Pray for our nation and our church family as a whole to protect, heal and provide for each one. The enemy is hard at work and we need intercessors!

2. Pray for your Pastor, as he prepares the church and his family for this new move to Boise.

3. Pray for the servants of 99.1 who are assisting with the church's move. Pray for strength, endurance and health for all of those who will assist Pastor Marty at ensuring all of our church's equipment makes it to Boise in one piece. Pray for the Boise Bunch who will continue to meet in person on Saturday nights and then transition to Sunday mornings with Pastor Marty.

4. Pray for Kathy Davis, who went to her doctor Friday for a check up. She beat cancer a few years ago and she says she feels something she wants to rule out. Pray the Lord protects her body as she waits for the ultrasound results.

5. Continue to pray for Krissy Troncoso's brother, Bobby. He made the decision to go into a rehab facility to Arizona, but left abruptly after a few days. Pray he finds strength to stay faithful to this process. Pray for her sister, Kim to come to know the Lord. Also, pray for baby Danielle in Krissy's womb. Pray the Lord protects her and grows her strong and ready to enter this world in the Spring. f

6. Please continue to pray for Jonnet Yates-Harrington who is home recovering. Pray the Lord COMPLETELY heals her body.

7. Pray for Leah and Vince Trujillo who are finalizing their refi. Pray the Lord shows them how to use this money to update their home in a way that glorifies Him.

8. Pray Stephanie Kuhlman's job environment. Pray the Lord protects her and puts favor in the hearts of those she works with.

9. Pray for Barb Leonhardt's daughter, Tracy. Pray she has a radical meeting with Christ. Praise Report! Barb's son, Michael gave his life to the Lord. May he be used in his sister's life.

10. Pray for Lynette Bertrand's (works with Emily) mother., Elizabeth She is not feeling well and the family believes they may have all come down with COVID. They live in Montana and Lynette feels helpless at the moment. Pray for healing for the family and comfort for Lynette.

11. Pray Angela Batta's son Fisher who is newly clean. Pray the Lord continues to move in his life. Pray that Fisher continues to reach out to the Lord and find wisdom in those decisions. ALSO, pray for Angela's foot and body. She had a surgery the other week and now she is heading into her foot surgery that will keep her off of her feet for quite some time. First, pray the Lord heals her quickly. This church family will be here to support her healing with love, prayers and food!

12. Continue to pray for Michelle Rios and Darlene Fowler who lost their husbands to COVID recently. Pray for the Lord's comfort. Michelle wishes to thank the church family for your prayers and support.

13. Pray for protection and provision for all of those from 99.1 who will be moving to Boise, ID to plant a new church. Please also pray for those who will be remaining in California. They will need the Lord's guidance and provision. Pray that until the time comes that the Lord moves this church, that all the church family stays close and continues to come to church for the word of God.

14. Pray for Calvary Chapel Old Towne, the church that has been so good to us in providing us a home during COVID. Pray the Lord blesses them and grows their ministry. Pray the Lord protects them.

15. Pray for Judy who works with Emily. She is struggling with her mother in hospice and her sister and she are astranged. Pray for reconcilliation and peace for the family. She also just broke her foot. Pray for a speedy recovery.

16. Pray for Anthony Salgado who is in Army Boot Camp. Pray for his protection, guidance and to meet amazing friends who know and love the Lord. Also, pray for his family. They miss their son and brother. Pray the Lord comforts them.

17. Continue to pray for Lauren Robertson's sister-in-law. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she is a young, married mom. She and her husband are worried about finances and their future. Pray for the Lord to comfort and protect as He heals her body completely. She has begun chemo treatments. Pray for an easy go with the treatments.

18. Pray for Linda Smith. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she meets with the doctors to discuss her "next steps" (including surgery) this Friday. Pray the Lord gives the doctors wisdom and Linda peace during this process.

19. PRAYER UPDATE: Continue to pray for Margaret Smoyer, Katy Foster's mom. She is home now, but recovering slowly. Pray for a complete healing of her body.

20. PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for Marylou Contreras. Her body continues to stabilize from the change in medications. Emily had a great conversation with her the other day. Pray for healing and comfort.

If you have prayer needs, please send an email to We'll keep updating them.