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God's Love
Poet: Mary C. Ryan

Midst scenes of distress, oh I what would we do,
If God's love like His rainbow was not
Encircling the world, with its chasms of woe,
Where the sin-burdened souls writhe in despair?

Our heart's strings would snap, when life's cold storms blow.
Blighting the hopes of our sunniest hour,
If the soul in its anguish then did not know
That all things were made and ruled by God's pow'r.

Alone on life's sea, oh! where would we drift.
If God's love did not encircle the soul;
Bearing it onward to faith's tow'ring cliff,
As the ages of eternity roll?

Our bark would be wrecked, on some rocky
Where powers of darkness ever would reign,
If we knew not, when our voyage was o'er,
That smiles of our Lord would banish all pain.

When sowing the wheat and reaping the tares.
And struggling to rise, we stumble and fall.
What could we do, to escape Satan's snares,
If God's love was not a refuge for all?