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The Importance of being a Vegetarian

We all know who vegetarians are. Vegetarians are people who do not consume meat, poultry and sea food. Many vegetarians also abstain from consuming or using by-products of animal slaughter such as eating eggs or even wearing leather belts or leather shoes.There are certain extreme vegetarians who even abstain from consuming honey. Vegetarianism is a good thing. There is no doubt about it. The reason many people become vegetarians is because they see animals as beings which also have life. They therefore don’t see the reason why animals should be killed in order for us to enjoy.

What are the importance of being a vegetarian?

  1. Vegetarianism has so many benefits to the individual and society at large. One of the major importance of being a vegetarian is the fact that a vegetarian diet has lots of health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that people who live on a proper vegetarian diet tend to live longer than those who eat meat. Recently, the Loma Linda University conducted a major study into the link between longevity and being a vegetarian. At the end of the research, researchers found out that vegetarians live between seven and fifteen years longer than people who eat meat regularly.
  2. Another importance of a vegetarian diet is that it can significantly help in the fight against obesity and cardio-vascular diseases.
  3. Vegetarians also rarely suffer from cancer, hypertension and constipation as compared with regular meat eaters.
  4. Since vegetables and fruits contain a significant amount of antioxidants and nutrients that help protect the heart, it goes without saying that a proper vegetarian diet helps the body significantly.
    1. Another very important benefit we derive from vegetarianism is the fact that vegetarianism can save the planet in the sense that the mass production of meat for human consumption damages our environment. According to a research, about 70 percent of all grain crops grown in the United States is used for feeding animals for the sole purpose of consuming their meat. Research has shown that animal farming is not environmental friendly as it helps in generating high amounts of nitrous oxide and methane which are not good for the health of this planet we live in. Science tells us that excessive amounts of nitrous oxide and methane in the atmosphere contributes immensely to global warming.
    2. Another good reason why you should become a vegetarian is because it is cheaper. Believe it or not but a vegetarian diet is quite cheaper than the meat diet. Imagine how much meat and chicken cost these days? Just compare the price of buying vegetables and fruits with that of buying fish and meat.

    The above are some of the major importance of vegetarianism. As you can see from the above, the health benefits of vegetarianism are immense. What are you waiting for? Try a vegetarian diet and make this world a better place for yourself and others.

  5. NOTE: The writer of this article is not a vegetarian but is hoping to to become one soon.