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Reach Radio Silent Drive- THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to those of you who donated during our Reach Radio Silent Drive. We were hoping to reach a goal of 300 monthly partners; we almost made it! We now have 280 faithful donors who have committed to donate every month, to help us in this radio ministry that is changing lives and sparking hope!

It's not about the numbers, but the heart work that God is doing through this ministry. We were so blessed by this message we received from a listener during our Silent Drive; "Count me in. I’m going to sign up to start donations. I’m a local truck driver and I used to listen here and there but recently started listening as much as possible it is life-changing. Feeling closer to God is amazing understanding his word there’s nothing like it."

If you'd like to partner with us and help support this ministry, please go to and click "Donate."

You can also stream our station by going to Download our Reach Radio App on your iPhone or Android.