CA School District Pays Fired Christian Teacher $360,000

California’s Jurupa Unified School District (USD) Board on Monday approved a $360,000 settlement agreement for Jessica Tapia, a Christian teacher who was fired for refusing to use preferred pronouns or lie to parents about their child’s gender identity. “This is wonderful news,” Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council, told The Washington Stand. “Schools behaving this way should find it is very expensive for them.”

Nova October 7 Exhibit Reminds Us That Israel Is Fighting Evil

(Washington Stand) As America has witnessed recent rallies on college campuses across the country, many of us have been disheartened to realize how many Americans — especially young Americans — support the terrorist organization Hamas and how many are anti-Semitic.

In fact, one in five Americans between the ages of 18-29 (20%) believes the Nazi Holocaust that killed six million Jews is a myth and more than one in four (25%) in that age group believe that Jews have too much power in the United States.

Recordings Reveal What Top Gender Doctors Really Think

(Daily Caller) The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is the leading authority in the field of gender medicine. Its guidance is routinely used by top medical associations in the U.S. and abroad, while its standards of care inform insurance companies’ approach to coverage policies.

But behind closed doors, top WPATH doctors discussed, and at times seemed to challenge, the organization’s own published guidelines for sex change procedures and acknowledged pushing experimental medical interventions that can have devastating and irreversible complications, according to exclusive footage obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

University Protests Are Evidence Of A Failed Education System

(Washington Stand) There is irony in the fact that all of the demonstrations in solidarity with terrorist organizations are taking place on university campuses. Aristotle was one of the first to believe the purpose of education was wisdom and virtue. He believed students were educated when they could appropriately apply knowledge to their context.

This means education is not a neutral endeavor. We want students to learn to think for themselves, but the goal is to equip them to get the right answer without assistance.

How The Media Helped Create The Israeli Genocide Lie

(The Federalist) In late February, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar sent a message to superiors shacked up in ritzy Qatari hotels, reminding them that “high civilian casualties [in Gaza] would add to the worldwide pressure on Israel to stop the war.”

Indeed, starting wars and then cowering behind civilians, churning out martyrs, lying about death tolls, and putting on low-budget Pallywood productions for credulous Western audiences is almost as old as Palestinian nationalism itself.

Majority Of Students At Top Schools Say Anti-Semitism A Problem

(Daily Wire) About two-thirds of students attending top-ranked universities say that anti-Semitism is a problem on campus, according to a new poll.

The data comes after pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas protests have roiled university campuses in recent weeks. Administrators have shut down campuses and canceled events over the demonstrations, some of which have taken over campus buildings and resulted in hundreds of arrests.

Arrested Pro-Hamas Professor Goes Mental

(RedState) As RedState reported, Pro-Hamas protesters found out that Orange County is just a bit different than other parts of California on Wednesday. The terrorist supporters built barricades and took over a building while chanting genocidal slogans at UC Irvine. However, unlike other illegal encampments on college campuses, this one didn't last very long.

Police in riot gear moved in and cleared the area, and one person arrested happened to be a professor.

U.K. Rejects Radical WHO Pandemic Treaty

(Life News) The British government is preparing to reject a global health treaty that critics warn gives power to “a new world order.” According to The Telegraph, the U.K. is opposed to signing the World Health Organization (WHO) global pandemic treaty, insisting the accord would undermine the U.K.’s sovereignty.

The U.K. reportedly refuses to agree to any treaty which would not allow the nation to put its own interests first.

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