As The World Turns Away From Christ, Teen Mental Health Worsens

(Washington Stand) It seems my childhood came at the tail end of an era: life without technology dominating every aspect of what we do and see in a day. It didn’t take long, though, for that to change, and for laptops, cell phones, and social media to become the center of millions of lives. Along with many others, I’ve watched technology replace in-person interaction and cheapen the quality of life. And it’s not hard to see why.

Social media feeds into depression and anxiety with all the comparison and unfruitful content. Cyberbullying is very real and difficult to track.

60+ Studies: No Mental Health Benefits From Trans Treatments

(PJ Media) A new review by the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) of more than 60 studies found no evidence of long-term mental health benefits from transgender “treatments.” The medical group is thus urging a shift away from transgender ideology in medicine to helpful therapy and treatments.

The February review of dozens of studies confirmed the lack of benefits for “gender-affirming” treatments but also highlighted how other problems are being overlooked. For instance, a higher percentage of LGB and transgender-identifying youth and adults had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which can help explain why these individuals are at a higher risk of depression and even suicide.

Jesus: Accept No Substitutes

(Washington Stand) Using technology unknown until a few years ago, researchers have used artificial intelligence to read part of a carbonized scroll found in what is believed to be the home of Julius Caesar’s father-in-law.

One of hundreds of scrolls discovered in Herculaneum, the Roman city destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the charred and stone-like document has been found to record the teachings of an early first century philosopher named Philodemus. Philodemus was a follower of the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who believed that material reality was all there is (even the gods had physical bodies, but even so, they didn’t care about us) and that the pursuit of pleasure through great meals, mental passivity, and avoiding politics is the key to a flourishing life.

State Bars Let Rogue Lefties Skate While Punishing GOP Lawyers

(The Federalist) A jury decided the fate of Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s former top prosecutor, last week. In her second federal criminal case in recent months, the jury convicted Mosby of one count of mortgage fraud for making false statements to multiple mortgage lending companies as she purchased two properties in Florida. They acquitted her on another count.

Already convicted on two counts of perjury for lying about her finances when withdrawing $90,000 from her city retirement account to purchase the Florida homes, it seems certain that Mosby’s political career is over. But will she lose her license to practice the law?

Resist WHO’s Transgender Trojan Horse

(Washington Stand) The World Health Organization (WHO) is poised to promote extreme transgender ideology the same way it once endorsed abortion-on-demand.

Starting on February 19, a college of 21 experts will gather at WHO’s headquarters to develop global guidelines governing how doctors respond to people who identify as transgender. This project aims to create international standards for the issue by relying on a two-pronged strategy of “science” and “human rights.” The process is biased, as numerous national and international media outlets have pointed out. However, this strategy might work, because it already has in the past. This process resulted in a new guideline in 2022, promoting the legalization of abortion up to birth.

Abraham Lincoln

(Faith & Freedom) Undoubtedly, Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest U.S. Presidents of all time.

Today is his birthday.

However, his birthday is celebrated by only a few in our nation.

If he were president today, how would he address the burning issues of our day?"

Pro-Life Advocates Criticize “Pro-Abortion" Super Bowl Ad

(Life News) Some leading pro-life advocates are not happy with a Super Bowl ad that appeared to justify abortion.

During the big game last night, one of the ads sponsored by a Christian group shows people in various settings washing people’s feet. The ad is meant to convey the Biblical principle of Christians serving other people as service to the Lord.

One of the situations depicted is an AI photo showing a woman washing the feet of a woman outside an abortion business that the ad misleadingly labeled as a “Family Planning Clinic.”

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