Calif. Schools: Hormones through Homeroom

(FamilyResearchCouncil) Even in California, you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, 16 to drive a car, 21 to buy a gun, alcohol, or pot. But if you want to change your gender? Well, then, you just have to be 12. And your public school will be more than happy to help.

Need an abortion? Tell your teacher. Want to refill your birth control? Go to the school clinic. Thinking about starting hormone treatments? Your parents will never find out. At least, not under the policy the California Teachers Association (CTA) is pushing.

CA Pro-Life Student Vindicated in Free Speech Case

(California Family) A federal lawsuit against the California State University – San Marcos concluded last week after university officials agreed to change student fee policies for its 23 CSU campuses and pay $240,000 in fines for violating the constitutional rights of Students for Life leader Nathan Apodaca.

Nathan filed a lawsuit back in 2017 with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom after his university refused to approve a $500 request to use student fees to bring a pro-life speaker to his university.

Marriage group knew polygamy push would come

(OneNewsNow) Utah residents who support traditional values are opposing a proposal that could result in further destruction of the institution of marriage.

In order to gain acceptance as a state in 1896, Utah had to give up polygamy. Some polygamists, however, have continued to practice it. Now, Utah Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee has voted unanimously to send Sen. Deidre Henderson's (R) bill that would decriminalize polygamy to the full Senate.

Not One Democrat Running Supports the Bill to End Infanticide

(LifeNews) You never happened. Imagine sitting down to that headline if you’re Melissa Ohden, Gianna Jessen, or one of a thousand other victims the media says don’t exist.

Vox even put the phrase “abortion survivors” in scare quotes, as if the punctuation would help convince America the documented cases aren’t real. Of course, there’s a reason Democrats are desperate for people to believe this is a “fake issue.” They’re hoping the country will ignore their inhumanity. It isn’t, and we haven’t.

'The Hunt' headed to theaters again

(OneNewsNow) A movie where a group of left-wing “elites” hunt “deplorables” is now set for release on Friday, March 13. Universal Pictures seems to be using the protests which stopped the original September 27, 2019 release to help promote it.

Their new slogan, “The most talked about movie of the year is one that no one’s actually seen. The Hunt. Decide for yourself.

Activists Face Lawsuit After Kicking, Shoving and Harassing

(LifeNews) Pro-life advocates in Bristol, Tennessee are under attack, and the Thomas More Society is intervening on their behalf. In January 2020 the not-for-profit national public interest law firm helped file multiple petitions for orders of protection against members of a radical pro-abortion organization.

The offenders have harassed and threatened numerous pro-life individuals outside of the Bristol Regional Women’s Center abortion facility in recent months.

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