Navy issues 'absolutely outrageous' order

(OneNewsNow) A Christian law firm is outraged that Navy troops can attend a protest or host house parties of any size, but they cannot go to church.

In threatening to court martial service members if they attend church, the Navy is openly defying the commander in chief's declaration of churches as essential to America.

Five Justices vs. The People

(FRC) Chances are, these Supreme Court justices will never meet the parents of Jamie Lee Morales. They'll never have to look in the eyes of the little boy left behind by Tonya Reaves or console the husband of Jennifer Morbelli. They won't have to explain how Karnamaya Mongar survived war in Nepal only to die in the filthy recliner of a Philadelphia abortion center. Because even though three of them have daughters, the five justices who struck down Louisiana's abortion law don't seem to care that young women will keep dying because of courts like theirs.

Massachusetts city approves polyamory

(LifeSiteNews) Earlier this year, a Utah Republican put forward a bill to decriminalize polygamy, receiving unanimous consent almost immediately from a key Senate committee. At the time, I noted that this was unsurprising: Once marriage was redefined and placed in a panoply of morally acceptable romantic arrangements, it was only a matter of time before the number of partners would mean as much as the sex of the partners. Which is to say, nothing. Even promiscuous multi-taskers can demand that the government endorse and financially support their sexual arrangements.

55% of Americans Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal

(LifeNews) Gallup has released new National polling data on the issue of abortion and the results show continued pro-life sentiment across the Untied States as a majority of people say they oppose all or most abortions as Americans have said for years.

Typically the Gallup poll has found in majority of Americans oppose all or most abortions even though some Americans who technically take a pro-life position opposing abortion wrongly think they are supposedly pro-choice.

When The Tail Wags The Dog

(Faith & Freedom) Seattle, the city once known as home to Bill Boeing, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos---world leaders in airplanes, internet, and online retail, is now best known as the home of CHOP. And confused city leadership.

Minneapolis, once known for being the city from which Billy Graham launched his ministry, and home to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for more than half a century, is now known for bowing to rioters, abolishing the police department and the hypocrisy of city leaders.

Planned Parenthood Admits to Harvesting Body Parts From Babies

(LifeNews) The Center for Medical Progress released horrific new video footage Tuesday showing a Planned Parenthood partner admitting that body parts were harvested from aborted babies who still had beating hearts.

The video exposes the testimonies of several top Planned Parenthood officials and a human tissue procurement company leader during a 2019 sworn legal deposition.

Perhaps the most horrific testimony came from Perrin Larton, the procurement manager of Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), which harvests aborted baby body parts at Planned Parenthood facilities in southern California.

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