Succumbing To Blasphemy: LGBTQ Affirmation Within The Church

(American Family News) The United Church of Christ is a socially liberal Protestant denomination with approximately 4,700 churches in the United States. Among them is Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ in Dallas – which, according to ABC-affiliate WFAA, is the world's largest LGBTQ-friendly church.

Cathedral of Hope's website identifies two "advocacy groups" ("Coat of Colours" and "Transgender Council") that it says "work towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice." It also recently spent a whole Sunday morning affirming and honoring drag queens...

Experts Discuss How To Stop The Sexualization Of Children

(Washington Stand) During Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit last weekend, a panel of experts gathered to discuss “Parents and Policy: The Perfect Team to Stop the Sexualization of Our Children.” The panel was composed of three experts representing different organizations within the network of state family councils who advocate for family values at the state capitals across the country. During the session, they shared the progress their organizations were making to ensure the protection of children and explored how parents and policymakers could join the fight.

Free Speech Crisis

(PJ Media) A new poll from Real Clear Politics (RCP) highlights a dangerous anti-freedom trend in America, as 50% of Republicans and about 75% of Democrats reportedly approve of the government violating the Constitution and targeting “hateful” online content.

In modern America, it should be increasingly clear that “hateful” is a highly subjective word that can be applied to anything with which a person disagrees. Thus affirming biological realities about sex has actually been called genocide. So not only is the term completely subjective, and thus highly dangerous as a standard for targeting content, but the First Amendment is not meant to apply only to speech that is non-controversial.

CA Sues Pregnancy Resource Centers For Reversing Abortions

(Washington Stand) Have you ever wanted to be a political punching bag? Try opening a pro-life pregnancy resource center (PRC) in California. Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) announced a lawsuit Thursday against two faith-based organizations, Heartbeat International (HBI) and RealOptions Obria, which operate pro-life pregnancy resource centers in California and provide abortion pill reversal services. This is not the first time a California attorney general has targeted pro-life pregnancy centers.

The lawsuit is allegedly over “fraudulent and misleading claims to advertise an unproven and largely experimental procedure called ‘abortion pill reversal (APR),’” as the AG’s press release claims.

Every Pastor In America Should Condemn These Billboards

(Life News) You know the left’s agenda is really extreme, unpopular and out-of-touch when they have to lie about it. Well, here’s the latest lie from the pro-abortion left.

A pro-abortion group called, “Shout Your Abortion” (yes, they think abortions are something to brag about) has put up billboards along I-55 through the heart of the Bible Belt to Illinois, where women can get abortions until the day of birth. One theme of these billboards is “God’s plan includes abortion.” That is obscene.

PERKINS: An America With God On The Outskirts

(Washington Stand) Our nation is in crisis. It isn’t a gun crisis. Or fentanyl crisis. It’s not a border crisis — or even a government funding crisis.

It is a moral and spiritual crisis.

A sickening video that went viral last weekend fully displays it. The video was of two 17-year-old males, who were apparently identifying as heartless, demon-possessed thugs, recording their joyride in a stolen car. The video shows the two cheering as they ram and force one car off the road.

Attacking The Supreme Court: Destroying Our Constitutional Order

(First Liberty) America recently observed Constitution Day. On September 17, our nation celebrated the signing of the most remarkable document in our nation’s history. 236 years later, the Constitution is the world’s longest surviving written charter of government. It remains a guide and protector of our God-given rights and freedoms as Americans, including religious liberty.

While many celebrate this foundational document, we can’t ignore those who want to desecrate and destroy the Constitution. Today, this is perhaps most clear in the radical Supreme Court Coup—the brazen scheme by extremists to take over the Court.

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