The NYT Blame Throwers: Coronavirus Edition

(FRC) If Chinese officials weren't fans of the American media before, they are now. After weeks of taking all the heat for the coronavirus, the communist regime will be relieved to know that, according to the New York Times, they aren't to blame for this global pandemic. Evangelicals are.

In a column so outrageous editors ultimately rushed to change the headline, opinion writer Katherine Stewart makes it her personal mission to pin the entire plague on the country's faithful. "The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals..."

Idaho Governor Takes A Stand With Anti-Transgender Bills

(Faith & Freedom) Monday, Idaho Governor Brad Little took a stand, signing into law two anti-transgender bills, making Idaho the first among more than 40 states that have introduced such legislation this year to actually enact them.

The opposition is immediate and forceful. It always is when you take a stand for righteousness---and common sense.

Mr. Mayor, your threat to churches, synagogues crosses the line

(OneNewsNow) Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City) remains in the headlines for, among other things, telling churches and synagogues that he will permanently shut them down if they don't comply with government guidelines telling people not to gather as a way of combating the coronavirus.

Legal experts have told OneNewsNow that if bans such as these are temporary and involve many faiths, they are permissible. However, the "permanent" part is what attorney and U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) views as unconstitutional.

The Easter Story at Home

Are your children or students learning from home now? They may know the story of Christ's death and resurrection but do they understand how it impacted history, art, literature, social movements, and even the terminology we use today? Here's something we recommend you use to teach them all about Easter...It is a paraphrase of Luke 22-24.

During this time of staying at home, use The Easter Story as a unique learning tool for your children and students.

Two Reasons Why We’re Blessed to Have a Pro-Life President

(LifeNews) As you would have anticipated, there were plenty of pro-abortion machinations, efforts by hook or by crook, to use money from the $2 trillion dollar stimulus bill to pay for abortion on demand. But when President Trump signed the CARES Act, the Hyde Amendment provisions were applied across the board. Moreover, the CARES Act ensures that Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion provider —will not have access to forgivable loan money meant for small businesses.

Every Crisis Is an Open Door

(FRC) It was almost dusk when they pulled into the hospital parking lot, flashers on. For Midland, it had been a sobering few days. Like other parts of Texas, the first wave of virus patients hit this week -- leaving doctors and nurses alone to face the grim realities. Knowing their health care workers were probably exhausted and now isolated from their families, the tight-knit community had an idea: a car prayer chain, outside Midland Memorial Hospital.

Local churches had put out the word for people to drive to the parking lot across the road to pray.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz is Hoarding PPE

(LifeNews) The Planned Parenthood abortion giant is using up precious medical supplies to destroy lives while the rest of the country is working desperately to save lives from the coronavirus.

Across the country, affiliates of the billion-dollar abortion chain are urging supporters to donate personal protective equipment so that they can continue to kill unborn babies in elective abortions, Breitbart reports.

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