Unvaccinated CA Students Corralled Behind Police Tape At School

(Townhall) Students at a school in Los Angeles were corralled behind police tape on school grounds by the vice principal for being unvaccinated, the Daily Caller reported Wednesday.

According to the Caller, the New West Charter (NWC) School students said they were forced to choose between an “inadequate” online education or in-person learning after they refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19. When the students attempted to return to school after winter break with negative COVID-19 testing results, they were “corralled” behind police tape at school by the school’s vice principal.

“Six students returned for in-person learning on Jan. 18 and were told that a negative COVID test was insufficient; they were subsequently placed in a designated unvaccinated area outside of the school building,” the report stated.

Freedom Comes From God, Not Men

(Standing For Freedom Center) . . . .

During the decades of peace and prosperity following World War II, we Americans may have convinced ourselves that we had solved the problem of faction once and for all. But as we revisit Federalist No. 10 at a time when the violence of faction is no longer under control, our attention may be drawn to the sobering consequences of Madison’s belief that “the latent causes of faction are sown in the nature of man.”

Some may have succumbed to the magical thinking that a value-free pluralism could neutralize those consequences. Our generation can now read Madison clearly: “So strong is this propensity of mankind to fall into mutual animosities, that where no substantial occasion presents itself, the most frivolous and fanciful distinctions have been sufficient to kindle their unfriendly passions and excite their most violent conflicts.” Humans will fight about everything and nothing, and our age sees this sorry truth confirmed on a daily basis.

Women Facing Violence In Prison Deserve Better

(Family Research Council) Every social movement has advocates on each side of the issue offering critiques and ideas that could change the tide of public opinion. This is certainly true of the women's movement in the United States. Regardless of your ideals and what side of the debate you take, it is undeniable that this movement has informed and educated our society on issues of trauma, domestic violence, and abuse.

. . . .

Another outcome of the women's movement was the acknowledgment that there are real differences in victimization rates based on biological sex. While no abuse is acceptable, these differences should not be ignored. According to the CDC, roughly 44 percent of women have experienced a form of sexual violence in their lifetime, compared to an estimated 25 percent of men. Twenty-one percent of American women -- 25.5 million -- have experienced a completed or attempted rape, compared to 2.6 percent of men.

Despite these documented differences, we live in a time when some policymakers are seemingly indifferent to the current statistics and the social conditions that staged the battered women's movement.

It's Scary How Similar Western Countries' Covid Responses Are

(The Federalist) Since the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China more than two years ago, the Chinese government has adopted “zero tolerance” Covid policies and frequently relied on harsh measures such as lockdowns and mandatory quarantines to try to stop the virus.

Most Chinese people chose to comply with the government’s orders and endure any negative consequences quietly. However, in recent days, even the Chinese people have reached a point of “enough is enough” upon learning that a pregnant woman lost her unborn child after a hospital refused to admit her due to its strict Covid-19 policy.

The tragedy took place in Xi’an, a city of 13 million residents. Xi’an has been under a strict lockdown since mid-December. Schools are closed, and most public services are suspended. No indoor dining or outdoor gatherings are permitted. Only one person from each household can go grocery shopping every two days.

Parents Are Winning. Far Left Turning Us Into Bogeymen

(Daily Signal) Are “parental rights” some secret Bat Signal for right-wing evangelicals? The answer is yes, if you are writing for Salon. In a recent article, author Kathryn Joyce argued that “parental rights” is really the latest attempt of right-wing evangelicals to win elections.

Joyce has a long history of trying to pin blame on right-wing evangelicals. She has previously attacked international adoptions and large families only if they’re Christians (not any other faith, or lack thereof). So, it is not particularly surprising that now that parents from across the political spectrum are speaking up, she’s ready to blame it all on her favorite scapegoat: right-wing evangelicals.

Except it’s false: Parents from across every racial, demographic, ethnic, and political background are fighting against bureaucrats over who will decide basic questions regarding the education, upbringing, and care of their children.

It’s not just right-wing evangelicals. It’s parents from across the political, religious (and nonreligious), and demographic spectrums.

Your CRT Agenda? Don't Leave Home Without It

(PJ Media) . . . .

Submitted for your consideration: American Express. It was revealed earlier that the company, long considered the hallmark of a favorable credit score, has allocated around $1 billion for social justice. But for some reason, AmEx doesn’t want to tell anyone what they plan to do. The Free Enterprise Project has filed a shareholder request to see exactly what the company had in mind, specifically in terms of its race-based employee training and to give shareholders a look at the same.

Interestingly, AmEx is a big enough company that it could have told the Free Enterprise Project to drop dead in a ditch. Instead, it petitioned the Feds to keep the whole thing under wraps. It stated quite clearly that the information is none of the shareholders’ business and asked the SEC to remove the request from its proxy statement, locking shareholders out of a vote on the move.

Covaxin: A COVID Vaccine Made Without Connection To Abortion

(Life News) For the last year, the main two COVID vaccines in the USA have been Pfizer and Moderna. Now, Bharat Biotech and Ocugen have applied for approval of their Covaxin vaccine by the FDA. Covaxin got emergency use authorization from the WHO in early November 2021. Pfizer and Moderna have a remote connection to abortion via testing on fetal cell lines, but Covaxin has no connection in production, development, or testing. On top of this, Covaxin may be one of the most effective existing vaccines against the Omicron variant. Furthermore, for those who are cautious about new tech like mRNA vaccines, Covaxin is an inactivated virus vaccine.

Let’s review the basics on Covaxin, look at FDA approval, propose a response to the current situation of the vaccine, and look at the response by those who have objected to vaccines tested on fetal cell lines.

Media and Leftist Activists Furious Over Parents

(RedState) There’s nothing short of a war happening for the heart, souls, and minds of America’s children taking place within the country’s education system, and while that may sound hyperbolic, the lengths the left was going to in order to teach your children to be obedient to their ideology instead of teaching them to be free-thinking Americans is undeniable.

According to NBC News, the latest attempt by parents to keep their children safe from leftist indoctrination is to simply have the educator’s lesson plan posted online.

This really shouldn’t be that big of an ask, but naturally, the leftists are mounting a defense of keeping what these schools want to teach your children secret. Moreover, there are activist groups attempting to paint this as an attack on free speech, which is rich coming from the left.

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