Iowa Gov. Signs Law Banning 'Gender Transitions' For Children

(LifeSiteNews) – Iowa is the latest state to prohibit surgical or chemical “transitioning” of gender-confused minors as well as forcing students to share restrooms with members of the opposite sex, thanks to new laws signed by Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.

The Des Moines Register reports that on Wednesday, Reynolds signed Senate File 538, which forbids the administering [and] prohibits Iowa doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or “transition” surgeries to anyone younger than 18, and Senate File 482, which forbids schools from allowing individuals to use a bathroom or changing that does not match their biological sex.

TikTok Pushes Suicide Videos On 13-Year-Olds

(Breitbart) The Chinese app’s recommendation algorithm is so advanced that within ten minutes, it will start pushing suicide videos if the young TikTok user suggests he is sexually frustrated, according to research published Tuesday by corporate accountability group Ekō and shared with VICE News.

The researchers set up nine different new TikTok accounts, and listed their age as 13 — the youngest age users can join the platform — then they mimicked who they referred to as “incels” or “involuntary celibates,” which is an online community of “young men who formed a bond around their lack of sexual success with women,” according to VICE News.

Student-Led Red Guard Installed In Maine School District

(PJ Media) If you’re unfamiliar with the Red Guard instituted by Chairman Mao in China, get ready to understand it better than you ever wanted to. Critics of the sweeping transgender ideology infecting the school and medical systems have likened the ideology’s proponents to China’s Red Guard, a group of students trained to turn against their parents and other adults to usher in a brutal dictatorship. The Red Guard famously tortured its own teachers and parents in the name of the Communist cultural revolution. It was a dark and dangerous time in China for anyone who would not bow to the demands of tyrants.

A school system in Maine has instituted its own burgeoning Red Guard called the “Civil Rights Team.” This benign-sounding organization of kids is supposed to ensure that student rights are upheld.

How Redefined Marriage Legally Robs Kids Of What’s Best

(Breakpoint) About 15 years ago, sociologists coined the term “abusive boyfriend syndrome” to describe the increased risk to children who live in homes with an unrelated adult. According to numerous studies, these children were much more likely to be abused or even killed than children who live at home with two biological or married parents. Because of these findings, domestic violence prevention programs routinely teach parents, especially vulnerable women, that the single highest risk factor that they or their children will be abused is whether they’re living with an unrelated, unmarried adult.

Sometimes, Stand and Fight

(RedState) The recent debacle at Stanford Law School involving a federal judge and an angry crowd of students sparked a brushfire of debate and commentary throughout the legal community. Sadly, the reaction from many is more evidence that the state of free speech at American law schools is only getting worse.

For those unaware, dozens of sign-waving protesters heckled and shouted down Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan while he was speaking on campus to the local student chapter of the Federalist Society. Protesters accused him of heinous acts like beating his wife, killing people, and expressing a “hope that [his] daughters get raped.”

San Francisco Accepts Draft Reparations Plan

(Daily Caller) The San Francisco Board of Supervisors moved Tuesday night to accept a draft reparations proposal that would provide eligible black residents with one-time $5 million payments.

The Board of Supervisors did not move to enact the proposal’s policy recommendations at the meeting, with its final form not due until June, the San Francisco Examiner reported. The draft proposal calls for making reparations payments to people meeting two of multiple qualifications including having been incarcerated in the “failed War on Drugs” or being descendant or someone who was, being descended of someone enslaved before 1865 and being displaced by the city’s 1954-1973 urban renewal project or one of their descendants.

Biblical Worldview: Transgenderism

(Standing For Freedom Center) What makes human beings men and women? A couple of decades ago, the answer to this question was rather obvious, but not so in our present culture. What was once an obvious biological reality has now been hijacked and corrupted by moral relativism and the sexual revolution.

Transgender activists have succeeded in sowing mass confusion on the issue of sex and gender, and this confusion has ignited a new front in the culture wars that few people outside of evangelical Christian thinkers anticipated. In order to make sense of it all, we need to understand transgender ideology and what the Bible says about gender.

After Asbury

(Faith & Freedom) National attention turned to Asbury University only weeks ago when students stayed after their regularly scheduled chapel service concluded---they stayed to pray. And worship.

As word spread, thousands traveled to Asbury to join the students as God poured out His Spirit.

The outpouring or revival resulted in the forgiveness of sin through repentance, restoration of broken relationships, and a renewed commitment to serving the Lord in various callings.

The media reported that some questioned if it was "real."

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