Stations of the Cross Art Walk Submission Form

We will be hosting a Stations of the Cross-themed art walk on Easter Weekend. We hope you'll share your creative talents with us!

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  • We will be hosting a Stations of the Cross-themed art walk on April 19-21. There will be seven stations depicting the following events:


    1) Jesus is condemned to death; takes up His cross
    2) He falls for the first time; meets His mother
    3) Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross
    4) He falls a second time; women of Jerusalem weep for Him
    5) He is stripped of His garments
    6) Jesus is nailed to the cross; dies there
    7) He is taken down; placed in the tomb


    All forms of art are encouraged – painting, sculpture, dry, digital, music, poetry, photography, multi, chalk (floor), live art-making, performance art! There will be a limit of 5-10 accepted entries per station, depending on the size and medium of the selected artwork. Artists will be notified via email if their work has been accepted.


    The deadline for submissions is April 5. Finished art must be turned in by April 12.

  • Title of Your Piece:

  • Brief description of your piece:

  • What medium(s) will you be using? Please be specific.

  • Dimensions of Your Piece:

  • Please upload a picture of your art, if applicable.