"Take Them a Meal" Ministry

A way to minister to our members/attendees by demonstrating compassion and care during a time of need.

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  • The Meal Team will temporarily care for the family by providing meals for a week or so during the time of need (i.e. surgery, illness, etc.), when the family is unable to provide for themselves. Please fill out this form and the Meal Team Leader will be in touch.


    Who is to receive meals?

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  • Briefly explain the situation:

  • How many people will we be providing meals for?

  • Any allergies or restrictions we need to be aware of?

  • When should we start delivering meals?

    Note: We generally provide meals that last 2 days with deliveries 3 days a week.

  • Is the family part of an OBCC Small Group? If so, would the small group like to participate, and who is the leader?

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  • Please provide YOUR contact info in case we need to follow up.

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