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    1 & 2 TIMOTHY & TITUS

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  • 1 Timothy 4:1-16

    Weekly Lesson #4

    **Ask the Lord to use this lesson to deepen your understanding of His Word and how it applies to your life.

    1. Review I Timothy 3:1-16. Share an insight you received or a discovery you made through:

    a. your lesson

    b. the message

    c. the group discussion

    2. Through our study of I Timothy 4, we will learn of those things that are beneficial and profitable for us both now and eternally. Read verses 1-16 and note a few words, phrases or verses that capture your attention.

    3. In I Timothy 4:1-3 we read of Paul's warning written to Timothy about false teachers and what they would teach. What did he tell Timothy about them?

    a. The Spirit referred to the apostasy that would occur. What warning
    is there in these verses for believers today?

    b. Use Hebrews 13:4a and I Timothy 4:4-5 to refute their teaching.

    4. Consider the instruction of I Timothy 4:6-7a. What did Paul tell Timothy to do?

    a. How do the words of faith and sound doctrine both protect you from false teaching and nourish you?

    5. Paul told Timothy to exercise/discipline yourself toward godliness (verse 7b). Define the word, godliness.

    a. I Timothy 4:8 gives us the reason he told him to do that. What was it?

    (1.) Verse 8a in the NLT reads, Physical exercise has some value, but
    spiritual exercise is much more important. In what way does this
    speak to you personally?

    Optional: List ways believers can spiritually exercise that will produce godliness.

    6. Record what is declared in I Timothy 4:9 about I Timothy 4:8.

    7. What do you learn about Paul and his fellow servants from I Timothy 4:10?

    Optional: Explain the meaning of the following phrase in I Timothy 4:10, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.

    8. The remainder of Chapter Four of I Timothy contains several instructions that should be heeded by all believers today. Briefly share what Paul instructed Timothy to do in each of the following verses:
    verse 11

    verse 12

    a. Timothy was probably in his late 30's. Explain why being an example
    in these things would help those in the church accept his leadership.
    verse 13

    verse 14

    verse 15

    a. Notice what Paul said would be the result of doing this. Why do you
    think that would be important?

    verse 16

    9. Review I Timothy 4:1-16. What did you learn that is of profit to you both now and eternally?

    10. How were you ministered to through your study of I Timothy 4:1-16?