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    In an effort to help those of you that are having some difficulties with our technology, we offer some helpful hints below. If at any time you have a question about something that is not addressed below, please call the church office at 951.735.2856 to let us know your need and we will get you in touch with someone on our team. 


    We will add additional information to this form as needed. Thank you!




    We so appreciate those of you that continue to participate in our offering each week. If you wish to use our online option to do so, it is very easy. There are two places:


    • 1) OUR WEBSITE: Tap the link below to go directly to our home page. To the far right you will see "GIVE ONLINE" which will drop down when you hover - or place - your curser over it. The options are listed, click on the one that fits your desire. You will be taken to our secure giving page. Choose one-time or recurring giving and follow the instructions as each box appears. Please call the church office during office hours for assistance and we can walk you through the process if needed.


    • The "Designated Giving" option allows you to designate funds more specifically if needed. We pay attention to this to make sure we are fulfilling your request. An example of this would be Missions. If you wish to designate a specific missionary to receive funds, this box is the place to do that. Just a side note - if you write a check, you can indicate "Missions" on the memo line, but PLEASE DO NOT put a specific name. Use a giving envelope to write the name on the outside of it. Funds can then be directed appropriately. If the ministry you wish to donate to is not listed, contact the church office during office hours or leave a message.


    • As of May 31, 2023, we are no longer accepting PayPal payments.  




    • 2) OUR LT APP: Tap the CROSS ICON at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a page of options. You can also swipe or scroll up to expose more options. Tap the item you wish to view. For giving, the options are the same as our website and take you to the same secure giving page. Again, if you need help, call us!




    Our app is full of content! If you are viewing this without the use of our app, we encourage you to download it on your phone. Simply search "Living Truth Christian Fellowship" in your app store and look for the red pillar logo. When you first open it up, you see the bulletin. The bulletin is a wealth of information as to what is going on at LT. We encourage you to take a peek. It releases on Friday mornings.

    • PAPER AIRPLANE ICON: You access the bulletin by tapping the paper airplane icon at the bottom of your screen should you need to navigate back to it. The bulletin is full of links to "notes" like the one you are reading, as well as external websites when appropriate. If you are reading this, you have this part down!
    • CHAIN LINK ICON: Tap here to access our app calendar, direct links to our social media platforms - Facebook & Instagram - as well as other info. Don't forget to swipe up or scroll to see other catagories.
    •  MEGAPHONE ICON: Tap this to view special announcements and reminders that we send out to keep you informed. Quite often you will find a link with more information at the bottom of these announcements. Be sure to view this information by tapping the type (the link) at the bottom of the announcement. You can delete announcements from the list by swiping to the left - just make sure this is what you want to do, because you cannot undo it.
    • PLAY BUTTON ICON: Tapping this will take you to our Sermon Cloud where you can listen to, or view our messages given on Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as many of our special events, like 6:33.
    • CROSS ICON: This will access general church information and our online giving - see above. Again, don't forget to scroll to see more entries.
    • SPEECH BUBBLE ICON: Located at the upper left corner, you can tap this to see push notifications and app announcements. Tap 'view link' when seen, to access the complete announcement.


    HAVE A QUESTION? Let us know! 951.735.2856