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  • September is Pastor Appreciation month!

    Using the marker of Pastor John's anniversary among us at LFC (which this year marks 14 years that we have been blessed by his pastoral care), we would invite you to join us in "appreciating" our Pastoral staff during the month of September. We are blessed to have Pastor John our Sr. Pastor & Lead Follower, Pastor Eddie our Connections Pastor, Pastor Kim our Cambodian Ministries Pastor and Pastor Marcos our Brazilian Ministries Pastor!

    Here at LFC, we know that our partnership with our pastors is a shared partnership-one where, at the least, they value your prayers as much as they offer theirs on your behalf. As such, this month then is an opportunity to continue those prayers as we celebrate our life together and let them know how much we appreciate all they do to lead us, join us and encourage us in that partnership love, prayer and support. 


    This year, we will have a table set up in the foyer that will have 4 bowls. Each will be filled with Jenga (the game) pieces, and markers. Please take a piece from each bowl and write a simple message of love or a favorite bible verse. Please include your family name so the Pastor will know which family they will pray for as they handle each piece. Feel free to also bring Jenga pieces to anyone you know is one of our shut-ins, or to anyone who at this time has not had the opportunity to celebrate with us in-house.  

    In addition, cards will be available if you would like to write a personal letter, draw a picture, write an encouraging note, include a picture of your family, include a gift, etc. Remember, as Pastor John has often said, "the greatest thanks you can give to our pastors is your faithfulness to the Lord", so please do not feel like this needs to be a materialistic, monetary, or a costly gift!


    September 26th will be our in-house Pastor Appreciation Sunday with a Cookie filled baggie for everyone to take home with them following the morning service.