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  • Adorning God's House for Advent

    Our Purpose for Gathering

    Pastor: Today we come together to prepare for the birthday of a King.


    People: Today we make ready our welcome for God's only Son, Jesus of Nazareth.


    Pastor: We begin this special and holy season of Advent, the season of going toward the birth of Christ.


    People: As we renew the special meaning of the Advent season, let us clear our minds and open our hearts to the coming of the Lord.


    Pastor: Let us also honor his birth by adorning our church for the coming of our King.


    People: Let our songs and symbols represent our anticipation of Christ's coming.


    All: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.


    Symbols of the Chrismon Tree

    The name "Chrismon" is a contracted form of “Christ's monogram," a decorative form of monogram and other symbols related to the person and work of Christ. A Chrismon tree may stand in the sanctuary as an alternative to the secular form of a Christmas tree. The Chrismon symbols speak to us of the person and work of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This year, our children have created the symbols and will be hanging them on the  tree as they are explained.

  • Directions For Decorating Church

    Every person is encouraged to participate in adorning our church building for Advent. Don't be afraid to move right in and ask: "What can I do?" BE PROACTIVE! There are many different activities in which you can be involved.

    In order to facilitate movement, the following suggestions are offered as a place to start.


    The Sanctuary

    Tasks:  Hanging wreaths; placing paraments on the cross; preparing the Advent candle stand, nativity crèche, and chrismon tree.


    The Main Foyer

    Tasks:  Preparing the foyer greenery and lights; hanging the advent banner.


    The Palm Parlor

    Tasks:  Decorating fireplace mantle and hearth, hanging mini wreaths around the lanterns, and setting up the small nativity crèche.


    Main Entrance

    Tasks:  Hanging and Decorating of the wreaths.


    Front Yard

    Tasks:  Setting up nativity and decorating trees.



    Everyone is invited to enjoy refreshments in the Lunn Recrearium throughout the evening.


    Closing Ceremony - 6:50PM

    Decorating the Chrismon Tree & Lighting of the First Advent Candle

  • Taking Down The Greens

    Sunday, January 7th, 12:15PM

    You are invited to join us once again following the 12 Days of Christmas after our Morning Worship Service for a brief time of returning decorations from around the building.