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  • Sunday, October 17, 2021


    Video Announcements

    Song- “Majesty,” Page 176


    Call to Worship:

    L: We come together this morning to worship.

    C: We come as seekers,

    L: Wondering who this Jesus is.

    C: We come as students,

    L: Full of questions about Jesus’ unconventional teachings.

    C: We come as skeptics,

    L: Unsure of Jesus’ unexplainable miracles and outlandish claims.

    C: We come as followers,

    L: Longing for the wisdom and strength to follow Jesus more faithfully.

    C: We come as we are,

    L: With our faith and our doubts, our stories and our questions.

    C: We come to worship.


    Song- “There’s Within my Heart a Melody” Page 380, all verses

    Pastoral Prayer Time



    Scripture- Matthew 11:16-19

    Sermon Bumper

    Sermon- Jesus Loved to Party

    Song/Prayer Time- “Standing on the Promises,” Page 374, all verses


    Closing Song- “Standing on the Promises,” Page 374, refrain only