Dare to Imagine...Peace on Earth Teaching Series

The world was a mess. The ruling powers were corrupt and greedy and violent. Nations raged. Times were uncertain at best. God’s shalom was elusive. And yet ... the people dared to imagine. They imagined a Messiah, God’s love incarnate, who would come to lead the people in the way of peace.

The world is a mess. A pandemic that refuses to go away has thrown the already turbulent world into chaos. Earth is rebelling against years of abuse, and the nations are raging. And yet ... we dare to imagine. We imagine God’s love incarnate, a baby coming to reveal God’s shalom, peace to all the earth. During the Christmas season this year, we invite you to dare to imagine peace on earth!

Journey to the Stable Dress Rehearsal - Sun. Dec. 18th at 12pm

As we are preparing the finishing touches for the 2022 Journey to the Stable, there will be a Dress Rehearsal on Sunday, December 18th from 12pm to 1:30pm with the intention of ironing out the last the wrinkles before the official production.

The goal will be that each station is ready to start the Dress Rehearsal Walk-Throughs at 12:30pm. Once everything is set up, there will be a few “test” groups that will go through the Journey so our actors and guides will have an opportunity to practice their parts.

Christmas Offering - Great Lakes Christian College

This year our Christmas offering will be for Great Lakes Christian College. 2022-23 is a critical year for the college as it comes out of the pandemic and is poised to become a leading school to disciple and train the next generation of Christian leaders in our world. The challenge is to build a strong financial base allowing the college to sustain the mission. Great Lakes Christian College seeks to glorify God by preparing students to be servant leaders for the church and world.

Will you begin praying now about what God would have you give, over and above your regular giving, to this special offering? Allow God to stretch your faith and help Great Lakes Bible College this Christmas season as your birthday to Our Lord. Christmas Offering Envelopes are available in the auditorium. Christmas Offerings may be placed it in the offering box in the foyer or you can give online at dewittcc.org.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas Eve Service - Sat. Dec. 24th at 7pm

We invite you to join us for worship on Christmas Eve at 7pm and on Christmas Day to have a time of worship at home with your family. Following the Christmas Eve service, everyone attending will be invited to take with them a specially prepared Christmas Nativity bag with communion cups, teaching materials and activities for children to enhance your worship at home for you and your family!

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