Welcome Beloved Family!

We are so grateful to you for joining us in today’s Celebration. We have been praying for you and yours earnestly. We anticipate that God’s presence will envelop you with peace, joy, and abundant blessings.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to someone sitting near you. We are a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led community of diverse believers where Jesus Christ is central to our gathering. We invite you to worship, learn, and serve with us, as we reach our community, city, and the world with the eternal message “God is Love!” Now let’s prepare to worship and thank you again for joining us today.

Loving You Immeasurably…

Bishop and Lady Di

Senior Leadership Team

Wayne Kirkling
Executive Pastor

Erinn Harris
Director of Discipleship

Phyllis Towles
Director of Ministry Advancement and Development

La Vetta Coleman
Pastoral Care/Bereavement

Jonathan Strickling
Director of Communications & Men's Ministry

Christopher McEwen
Worship & Fine Arts Director

Anthony Simpson
Facilities / Safety Coordinator

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Sunday, July 21, 2024


Special Announcements

Call to Worship
Pastor Wayne and Elder Joan Kirkling

Pastor Wayne Kirkling

"Great Name"/ Artist: Todd Dulaney
Led by: Julian Cunningham



Ministry of Giving

Preparatory Selection
"Everything To Me" / Artist: Tye Tribett
Led by: Julian Cunningham

Teaching the Word
Bishop Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr., D.Min., Ph.D.

Closing Blessing

Midweek Empowerment
Family Bible Empowerment - Summer ‘24
New Partner Orientation (NPO)
August Water Baptism
August Healing and Praise Celebration
Global Care: Reaching the World through Kingdom Partnership
35th Anniversary Family and Friends Reunion Fun Day
Brother’s Keeper Men’s Conference 2024: Connected As One
35th Anniversary Gala and Concert
Serving Opportunity | Ushers Ministry Team
Pay It Off Campaign
Our Vision

Redemption, Justice, and Empowerment for All People.

Our Mission

We engage in developing, multiplying, and sending out disciples of Jesus Christ for the work of the Kingdom.

Our Strategy

HE’S HERE… We Worship

HE KNOWS… We Learn

HE’S ABLE… We Serve

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