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  • Which best describes you?

  • When we resume gathering on campus, would you choose to attend if restrictions needed to be enforced, such as require face coverings, distancing, limited seating, or no singing?

  • Due to state mandates, limited seating may be required. To ensure safety, reserving a seat in advance may be necessary. Would this deter you from attending an in-person worship service?

  • For a season, children may need to sit in the worship service with their family. Will this hinder you from attending service?

  • If worship services with restrictions resumed, how are you most likely to participate?

  • If you have been a volunteer in your church, are you planning to continue volunteering in the same position when we meet on campus again?

  • When physical programs return, and you have middle school and/or high school students, please check all that apply:

  • In the near future, which do you feel more comfortable with as it pertains to your small group Bible study:

  • When considering meeting again for worship services on campus, what are you most concerned about?

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