Blessings CFC Family and Friends of CFC!

We wanted to check-in with everyone and get a sense of how everyone is feeling about attending church in person currently as well as what God is doing in your life as we continue to plan and navigate through this pandemic. We love and care for all of you and are seeking to hear from God in every step of our planning as we desire to be the church and grow the Kingdom of God.

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  • What is your current preference for attending church?

  • If you answered online to question #1: Please give your reason below

  • When mid-week Wednesday night family night programming resumes, will you attend?

  • If you answered yes, please let us know which groups your family would attend. Mark all that apply.

  • If you are not already serving at church on a Sunday morning, are you available to serve on Sunday morning, and what area of ministry would you be interested in?

  • Is there anything specific our church leadership can be praying for you right now?

  • Are there any other specific needs you or your family currently has that our church body can help with?

  • Please tell us how God has been working in your life lately or any words of encouragement to edify the body of Christ. This is optional of course. Let us know if we could share your answers with others and if you would like to remain anonymous or if we can use your name. Thank you!