Centerpoint Fellowship Church: Missions Scholarship Form
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  • Application Information:

    1. Centerpoint Fellowship Church (CFC) has established a process and a budget for financial assistance for short-term mission trips. The purpose for Mission Scholarships is to help and encourage members of CFC who, for whatever reason are facing financial obstacles, to help spread the Gospel to the unreached people around the globe.  
    2. All funding is contingent upon the availability of designated funds in the CFC Mission Scholarship budget.  
    3. Applicants may request mission trip assistance by completing this application and turning it into the church office.  
    4. Assistance provided from this fund is limited to a maximum of 45% of the total trip cost or the remaining balance at the time the application is submitted (whichever is less). 
    5. Application for the scholarship does not prevent the applicant from leveraging Mission Bucks earned through volunteer activities or other fund generating options. 
    6. The scholarship cannot be used to offset the initial deposit required for all mission trips.  
    7. Assistance is generally limited to the applicants first mission trip with CFC however exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Mission Scholarship Team.  
    8. This Scholarship will be awarded as part of the final payment toward the trip.  
    9. This Scholarship cannot be received as cash or given directly to an individual. 
    10. If payment is made and the trip is cancelled or you are not able to participate, the assistance will not be redeemable toward your next trip, the assistance will be re--evaluated at that time and subject to funds availability.  
    11. Any applicant 18yrs of age or under requires a parent signature.
  • Application Process:

    1. Complete the Mission Scholarship Application, providing information that you believe will be useful to the CFC Missions Scholarship Team in consideration for assistance.  
    2. The CFC Missions Scholarship Team will review applications during their normal scheduled meeting. Please consider this when determining when to submit your application.  
    3. Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the date the final payment is due.  
  • CFC Mission Trip Assistance Application Personal Information:

  • Name:

  • Phone:

  • Email:

  • How long have you been attending Centerpoint Fellowship Church?

  • Are you involved in any ministries or classes at CFC? Yes or No If yes, which ones?

  • Mission Trip Information:

  • Name of Mission/Organization:

  • Destination of Mission Trip:

  • Trip Dates

  • Who will you be going on this trip with you:

  • If serving with a group, please provide:

    Group/Organization name, Trip Leader Name, Trip Leader Phone/Email

  • What are the goals for this trip and what are the plans to accomplish them?

  • Please share your personal expectations for this trip. How do you hope to be used by God in this experience?

  • Please share a bit as to what motivated you to pursue this trip.

  • Have you been on other mission trips? Yes or No

    If yes, please describe your previous mission trips and experience:

  • Is there anything else you would like to share with the Missions Scholarship Team?

  • Applicant/Guardian Signature

    By signing this application, you are verifying the information provided is an accurate representation of what God has put on your heart concerning the desire to participate in a mission trip and that a financial obstacle, for whatever reason, would otherwise prevent you from participating.

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