Now the Feast and Celebration

When you see "NTF" in today's Order of Service, this is referring to the "Now the Feast and Celebration" booklet that can be found tucked into your hymnals in the pews.

Eternal Flame & Flowers for 2018

Have a special dedication for someone in 2018? Claim your dates now! The Eternal Flame dedication lasts for one month with a $20 donation. Flowers are provided by you every Sunday. Both dedications are printed in the bulletin with your message every Sunday! Send an email to or call the Church Office to get on the calendar for 2018!

Interfaith Federation of GBR

invites you to join them at the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints to discover the "Fact, Fiction, and Faith" of the Mormon Church. Today 3:00 - 4:30 pm, 10335 Highland Rd.

A Special Thank You

We raised over $900 last Sunday for our special offering for the fire victims. This will be matched by the Good Samaritan Pantry and sent to the family soon. If you would like to still contribute, you may do so during today's offering. Make sure you mark the memo "fire victims".

Thank you for using the app!

Our hope is to reduce the number of paper bulletins that we print each Sunday as well as keeping us all connected. Thank you for using the St. Paul app!

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Today's Ministers


Acolytes: Megan Whisenhunt & Sarah Theriot
Ushers: Debbie & Steve Buco, Janet Goodspeed
Lectors: Cynthia Prestholdt & Barbara Wittkopf
Worship Assistant: Gary Lee
Counters: Diane Allison & Darwin Knochenmus
Presentation: Liz Wright
Altar Guild: Janis Harvey
Choir Director: Matthew Myers
Cantor: Jacob Meyer
Organist: Tom Theriot
Handbell Director: Debbie Atchison
Children's Church: Michelle Stutes

Flowers are given by John & Sandy Wefel in honor of Paul and Mark's birthdays.

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